What Keeps you from Swimming?

Boudreaux a Louisiana Cajun and his wife moved from the bayou inland about 70 miles.  His new home was no where near water.

Before Boudreaux left he had purchased a raffle ticket which had a prize of a brand new Bass Boat.  Bousdreaux and his wife were shocked when shortly after moving into their new home they found out Boudreaux had won first prize.

Boudreaux’s wife told him to trade the new bass bopat in for money since they now lived no where near water.  Boudreaux said, are you crazy, I have been waiting all my life to have such a boat.

The next day the Bass Pro store delivered the brand new boat to Boudreaux.

Boudreaux friend Thibodaux hear of the news and came the 70 mile to visit his fried Boudreaux.  Thibodraux knocked on the front door and was greeted by Boudreaux wife.

I cam to see Boudreaux said Thibodraux.  Well you’ll have to go out back, Thibodraux is out back in the boat.  So she lead him through the house out onto the back deck.

Yep, there way out in the back pasture was Boudreaux sitting in his new bass boat holding onto the fishing rod.

Thibodraux hollwed from the back deck, what are you doing Boudreaux?

Can’t you see I am fishing said Boudreaux.

Thibodraux immediately responded.  Boudreaux you make me so mad!  You are giving us Cajuns a bad name and making us look stupid.

I would come out there and give you a whipping, but I can’t swim!

Credit goes to my good friend Deacon Hank Babin

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