Suffering — the Doorway to Truth

Is there anyone who came to teach people that suffering has meaning and a purpose?

We should do all we can to avoid and prevent suffering – right?  There is nothing to be gained through suffering?  No one should ever have to suffer right?

Are there any lessons to be learned when one suffers?  Does suffering lead one to seek the cause of the suffering.  Can suffering be self inflicted.

Do we not have a free will to choose in every situation?  Could Free Will be a gift of Love?  Could that gift of Love be the necessary teacher of the consequences of free will choices?  Could that gift of love actually be digested discerned by humans through suffering.  Could the avoidance or intervention and prevention of suffering actually be an act of leading one into spiritual  captivity, bondage and slavery from which one increasingly is unable to escape?

What is the Cost and Consequences of Free Will

Have we humans been granted an unconditional gift of free will?  And with free will do we get to choose the consequences of our actions?  When we ignore the warnings and advice of those who know us best and love us the most do we open ourselves to the risk of failure and self inflicted wounds?  Do we sometimes follow those who mislead us with none living images, idols and in the long run treat us as receptive fools lacking wisdom, knowledge and the courage to seek and discern the truth?

Could suffering actually be a building block gift which opens our minds to the “Good” and the “Bad” of free will choices?

Suffering in my life lead me to pray for an openness of mind and soul to identify what caused my suffering.  Suffering lead me to develop an unquenchable thirst for the truth though I did not recognize it often for days, weeks and yes even years.  Suffering gave me a unique spiritual scale to balance joy and sadness and lead me to recognize and understand the most power gifts and talents I have.  From my suffering came my most prized and treasured success’s.

Suffering always leads me back to the one who came to earth to teach the most basic and powerful blessings of suffering.  We refer to that teacher as the one who shows us how to serve, cuts through the smoke to the truth, shows us the way to live and the way to encounter heaven on earth and prepare for the heaven perfected yet to come – known as the “Already and the Not Yet”!


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