Authority Church and Government

In light of the United States Bishops position on Illegal Immigration and Person-hood Amendments coming out of several states and reflecting upon the proper “Authority” to address these issues would be appropriate.

The Authority of the Federal Government and the Church

Where does authority originate?  Jesus told us the Authority of the Church comes form His Father, The Lord God Almighty, the Creator.  He also told us the authority of the government also come from His father, the Lord God Almighty, the Creator.

John Chapter 19,  Jesus answered Pilot, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.

The Authority over the Church and government comes from the same source from above.

All Authority comes from the Highest Authority – God

So then who owns the line between Church and State since the authority for both comes from the same source above.  One could say, The Lord Almighty owns the line and can walk on the line anywhere and always.

What about the authority of the United States of America Federal Government whom the Bishops have stated by, stating the United States Bishops do not support State laws addressing these issues?  Well can the authority with which they speak be challenged?  Have they built their argument on rock or sand?

A Guiding Document – The Declaration of Independence

Have the Bishops or any of us read the Declaration of Independence recently in regard to where government authority comes in this nation?  The “Rights” of the people come from an “unalienable” authority, greater than any earthly government, president, congress, senate or judicial authority.  I would call that “Authority” = “God”.  I think it is pretty clear.

The Declaration of Independence doesn’t stop there however.  It goes on to clearly state and the authority of the government originates from “the consent of the governed” – the people!  Then with even stronger language it emphasizes that when such government violates the rights of principles of the people they not only have a just “right” but a solemn duty to take action to modify, amend or even abolish such government.

Are the Bishops of America aware of the peoples “right and duty”?  Are the Bishops implying in their position trumps that of the people and we the people must rely solely upon a Federal government clearly demonstrating an inability to listen, respect or honor the right of the people or the church”?   A Federal Government which seeks to equate the difference between right and wrong while actively supporting political correctness.  Are the Bishops unable to see a government lusting and seeking power and control over the people by supporting corrupt and corny capitalism?

The words of Jesus in the Gospel of John 19 come to mind – “Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”  By taking a position favoring the federal government’s authority over the right and duty of the people to take action at the local, state and federal levels is guilty of handing the people over to a system lacking the leadership or faculties to protect the foundational rights of her people.

Whoever, in this country supports handing the people over to the power of a government that has been increasingly violating the sacred rights to “Life”, “Liberty” and “the Pursuit of happiness”, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is suffering from misguided judgement and short sided spiritual discernment?

The Role Model of Authority

While Jesus was on earth He modeled the role He wanted the Hierarchy of the Church to follow.  Who did Jesus tell His disciples to serve and how did He most clearly demonstrate that act.  At the last supper he taught how His authority should be demonstrated.  Jesus, the Son of God got down on His knees and washed the feet of His disciples – the original people of the church.

Who did Jesus command His disciples to serve?  Was it the none living entity of the government of the people or the people of God?

Circling back, the government gets it’s authority from God through the people.  The Church gets it’s authority from God to serve the people.  Both by design are called to serve the people in the spirit of the Creator God.

Could the Bishops of America have their position in regard to the United States government and the people of God upside down and backwards in regard to the peoples right and duty?

Authority Comes from the Consent of the Governed

The People Have the Necessary Authority

The People created the States, the States created the Federal Government and the 10th Amendment reserves all “rights” not delieniated to the Sates and to the People.   The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Would it not be appropriate for the Sates to call the Federal government back to the Constitutional principles upon which this Nation was established?

By supporting the Federal Government as the single avenue to address these serious issues, could the Bishops be unwisely telling the people of God the problem of Illegal Immigration and the sacredness of life is not their right and duty to address and can only be solved at the Federal level which has long been unable to take any appropriate action.  Are the Bishops missing the servant leadership skill to nurture and encourage the people act at every level local, state and federal which is their right and duty.  Could some Catholic’s and other conclude from the Bishops they have no individual right or responsibility to listen to their conscience, use their spirit and answer the call of the Lord God Almighty simply because the Bishops have provided them an ready made pass?

Do the Bishops of America not see what is clearly before the eyes of the people?  A nation in the midst of it’s greatest war between the flesh and the spirit.  A war being fought at every level of society to knock the Lord God Almighty off the block and replace Him with a New American idol secular progressive politically correct nonliving God – a pagan idol.

The Building Blocks = Living Stones

Further the Church through it’s Bishops have been clearly taught that “the Roman Catholic Church” is made up of living stones and not structural non living entities.  That “The Church (all the people of the church) is in need of constant purification” including the hierarchy and magisterium.

That the family serves as the foundation building mini church foundation upon which the lager church is built.  Not a single bishop or priest or deacon receives life without a mother and father and a home.  Destroy the Home the foundation of the Home and the Church is weakened.  Destroy the father and with him the family and the foundation of the church is weakened.  Destroy the father figure and the mother figure of the Church is weakened.  Weaken them sufficiently life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be the domain of a pagan idol.

Serve the People with Truth

The USCCB Bishops insistence they can not support the issues of illegal immigration and the sacredness of life being addressed at other than the federal level revels gross misunderstanding of what made the United Sates of America a Light Standing of a Hill to the World.  Worse it denies the rights and responsibilities of every person, the very dignity of every person called to action by the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps the sin of the hierarchy of the Catholic Bishops is intrinsic to the age old human nature relationship with authority.  We all want to play God, even Bishops are tempted to play God.  When any of us get caught up with our own authority and forget we were called to serve the people of God big trouble lies ahead.

Lord God Almighty forgive us, save this nation from itself, self centered interest and from placing ourselves upon a high and mighty pedestal from which there is no graceful way down!

Please if you made it thus far, Pray for us!

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