Symbols of Wisdom – The Worlds & God’s

There are two kinds of Wisdom.  The symbol for the worlds wisdom is the iphone or smartphone.  Every youngsters around the age of 12 begins to carry the symbol of the worlds wisdom everywhere they go these days.  With it’s internet connectivity all knowledge and images are available to the child with little or no supervision.  A child has neither the maturity, knowledge or ability to understand the most intimate details they may be exposed to.

The impact of the worlds wisdom creates division which can easily be observed almost everywhere a family and friends gather.  Check out the tables at a local restaurant.  Everyone at the table is more than likely being consumed by a non-living smart device.  We could conclude they are being trained by the device of the world, voluntarily being divided and consumed into a non living selfie devise.  Each individual is living in a fantasy world of self where the development of social skills/interaction with real people is inhibited or worse eliminated.  Hence we might expect in the face of real or perceived conflict these young folks will soon learn to run for the nearest imaginary wifi safe zone.

The symbol of God’s wisdom is strikingly different.  It is the real flesh and blood of Christ hanging on a cross we call a crucifix.  And secret code to God’s wisdom is provided by the nail driven through the flesh of Christ which serves as the key that opens the door to the wisdom of God and a life lived more abundantly.  The crucifixion is the result of dealing with real people by one who was willing to sacrifice everything to speak the truth to those loved including ones enemy who seeks to bully, discredit and shut up any voice that has the courage to speak of the word of truth and wisdom reveled to those willing to surrender to the creator of all things.


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