Modern Gun Violence versus Cowboys and Indians of Yesterday

When I was a kid in the 1950’s the major game my brother and I played was cowboys and Indians.  Our favorite hero’s were Gene Autry & Back in the Saddle Again, Roy Rogers & Trigger his horse, Zorro, and the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  We went to the movies to watch cowboy shows every chance we could.  We both used sticks as imaginary horses.  I remember a long piece of brown wood with white paint alone the 3/4″ side was my horse which had a white mane.

From morning to sunset it was ride em cowboy and shoot up the bad guys.  I must have shot my brother a million times and he did the same to me.  Sometimes we would argue who shot who first.  But for sure eventually one of us would pretend to die.  In fact we could take almost forever to die as we exaggerated the slowest of slow deaths.

Wow – can you imagine what might happen to us in today’s uptight modern world?  We would be taken out of school, away from our parents, placed in custody and required to talk to a shrink with an agenda to dismantle the spirit of the boy we were created with and then require we be put on some sort of drug.  I suspect today’s so called highly educated self proclaimed experts must have experienced a seriously lack oxygen to the brain that effected their critical thinking capacity.  Or worse they must be taking self prescribed drugs that cause them to seek safe zones from little boys.

Think about it neither my brother, nor I or any of our cousins or friends ever killed a single person because we had what today’s experts do not honor and was probably never covered in their higher educational curriculum or internship experience.  We had mothers and fathers of  faith took us to church every Sunday and when necessary gave us a spanking.  Gosh they sent us to a Catholic School where “religion” and the “ten commandments” were taught.  Gosh my brother and I knew the difference between play, pretending and real life even when we were little boys.

This is called being “churched” versus those being incarcerated in our modern world that are now recognized as being “unchurched”.

Go figure – just how smart are the secular progressives?

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