Symptoms of a Generational Attack on the American Culture

Completed my annual prison update orientation today. We are being told the new inmates coming into the system are different from previous generations. The one word summary used = “they are unchurched”!

Reflection – and you won’t hear this in church, where happy talk is the model of this modern era — translation the secular progressive movement in our nation has been highly successful in dismantling the cornerstone fortress’s (family and church) which historically protected not only children but civilization.

Seems so many have forgotten our nation really was founded upon a christian/judeo philosophy – freedom of religion and liberty grounded in personal responsibility. Is that taught in school anymore?: For the new age folks – this is a very old story being repeated under our noses lead by the ever sophisticated Hollywood glamor class with values one can find in a septic tank! Oh – if it feels good do as much as you can with as many as you can — there are no consequences and it doesn’t matter who you do it with.

Shut my mouth, should I speak in terms of a philosophy passed on as ages old wisdom and knowledge of “right or wrong” or heaven forbid I use the words “virtue or sin”. The progressives and the young will either try to shut me up or run for the nearest safe zone.

Folks are just misunderstood is the progressive answer! They better watch out – cause the gangs have no respect for safe zones either.

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