The Concept of the 1st Born Son

I am still being driven to analyze the idea of the 1st born son as it is used in scripture.  This makes me think hard enough my brain hurts.

The Holy Bible & Scripture use ideas that were held sacred by humanity in the days the scripture was written to communicate God’s message to humanity.

As such scripture communicates in parallel both a spiritual and human values which are treasured as sacred truths.

Abraham already had a son but wasn’t satisfied that he had not had a son with his wife.

We should know, without a doubt in those times the mother of a child always knew she was the biological mother of the children born to her.   But Abram, as his name was at the time, was a no mad who wondered from place to place and did not have a permanent home.  Another part of the story was this longing for a place to call home – the “Promised Land”

What brought Abram greater assurance that a child born to Sarah would be his child are there for us to evaluate.  Sarah was old and baron.  She had never had a previous child.   Chances are good Sarah was not the woman in Abram’s clan that other males would have desired or sought after.

The spiritual message should also be clear, nothing is impossible for God and those who place their faith in Him.  From Abram and Sarah would come a nation more numerous than all the stars.

The concept of the 1st born son was and still is a treasure for humanity and men in particular.  Just ask any potential father.  Does he want a son or a daughter?  It almost always a son, yet more often it is the daughter who captures his heart.

For a male versus a female, the father wants assurance the child is from his seed!  Although men may not think about it today, the man wants assurance his DNA will live on.

The spirit of the message of God lies hidden in the story.  God sends his Son.  A Son who unquestionably is of the father spirit / DNA.  This Son is sent into the world to testify to the Word of God, the Truth.  This Son is willing to die so that the fullness of Truth can be reborn in the human heart through the forgiveness of sins.

Jesus the first born son came into the world to birth a baby!  The church is referred to as mother because she is the authentic mother of the child.

The Father of the church is also always the Father as the one who implants the soul in every child.

The question is, who will the child lay claim to as the Father?

A First Born Child who is interested in the inheritance will lay clai9m to the Father who has ownership of the “Promised Land”.

To be continued …..

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