Justice will Prevail

No doubt the child was murdered!  The questions are how and by whom?

For those who worry about the juries verdict – n0t to worry.  Justice always prevails.

The memories and life style choices made by the guilty party/s which lead to the circumstances of the child’s death will not disappear.  Those who know the truth will be visited by the spirit of truth in the darkness of quite over which they have no control.

Vengeance is mine, say the Lord!  Look for the guilty to seek comfort in rigorous activity, or drugs and any other stimulus substitute designed to preocupy the mind and bury the truth.  But one cannot hide from the spirit of truth forever and the consequences of hiding can rack havock on the body, mind and soul from which there is no escape.

Wisdom resides in the words our savior gave us, I came to testify to the truth and the truth will set one free.

Lord Have Mercy on the Souls of all who are called to seek the truth.

Watch what unfolds – to be continued  ……..


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