The Little Red Hen

What do you suppose “The Little Red Hen” would do today in 2011?

Oh yea!  And if you find it necessary to add to the story, carefully write down the parts you add.  Those additions serve as a truth mirror to a point of view that lives in your soul alone!

You do know the story don’t you?

It’s an ancient old folk take – a fable if you will (originated in Russia) used to teach children  a moral lesson!  Perhaps not so simple or singular!

Hidden in the lesson is a secret rescepe for anyone who seeks to discover the human ingredients necessary to encounter the rewards of God’s plan concerning the talents one needs to achieve the potential fullness of the pursuit of happiness!

Didn’t you know the American Dream was hidden in histories dusty attic?

Wisdom is all around but ones eyes must be open to the simplicity of the story!

Oh my, Oh my how many find it necessary to add their imaginary bias’s to the story.

The Little Red Hen consistently and without bias invited everyone in the neighborhood to participate.  But despite her repeated invitations she encountered repeated rejection.  Amazingly, she opened the door of opportunity again and again to participate in the creation of a life sustaining and satisfying food.

What was the life sustaining hidden talent she possessed?

Was it her vision of what ultimately would be the fruit of her labor?  Or was it the labor itself which satisfied the dignity of her soul to know she was using her talents?  Was it the openness of her spirit to invite those in the neighborhood to enter into a task which offered the potential for unity of purpose?  What was her talent?  And is it a gift she can transfer or give to someone else?

Oh my, Oh my, so many take this story and add imaginary advanatgaes which are not cummunicated in the story.  They must then live only in the soul of the imaginer!  The spirit of Truth says look in the mirror of truth and reflect upon the additions looking back!

The seeds had fallen to mothers earth and anyone willing and able could pick them.  But only the Little Red Hen was willing and able to take the time and do the labor necessary to pcik up the seeds.

The earth is all around us and so far as I know it doesn’t normally move much.  The sun comes up every morning and does not deny itself to any living creature.  The rain falls faithfully without regard to the feelings or emotions of those below.  Mother nature is an equal opportunity environment without bias and every creature in the little red hens neighborhood had equal access to all her resources.

Could it be the secret ingrediant existed within each creatures freedom to choose and no where else?  Was the secret ingrediant an openness to allow oneself to dream and imagine.  Was the secret ingrediant the willingness to take a risk to succeed or fail while everyone watched?  Was the secret ingediant the willingness to work and labor?  Was the secret ingrediate using ones talents even when others rejected them and were unwilling to assist, help or encourage?

Matthew 25:  The gift of talents!

What was the secret ingrediant? . . . . . . . . .

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