Dedicated to Winston

God’s creature and teacher of God’s gift’s and Love.

Winston an Australian Sheppard was about 16-17 years old when he died. 

I love that dog and I miss him.  Winston taught me about patience and humility.  He was chained to a tire in my garage most of the time we were at home.  Winston always would come to me when called, most times with little delay.  He did this knowing I would chain him to that tire in my garage that limited his travels to about 20 foot.  Enough so he could still stand in the yard, view the passers by on the street and come to the back door. 

I still marvel at the obdience of this dog who came of his own free will to do as I requested.

No matter how long I left Winston alone, he would great me as his long lost best friend forever.  If I failed to feed him on time or missed an occasional feeding the enthusiasm of his greeting was unchanged.  Did I tell you I came to love that dog!

Winston taught me so clearly about the lessons of a loving God, than perhaps any other creature.  Winston and God will wait and wait and wait for their beloved children to remember they still exist!  And when the child finally returns all sins and oversights are forgiven no matter how long it has been.  I am so glad you have let me come back into your presence and world.

I will miss Winston’s gaze.  He watched me like a hawk.  His question seemed always to be “can I go”,  “can I go”, “do I get to go with you today”?  He was the best student of my behavior and knew instinctively, perhaps by how I was dressed and walked that he would be left at home or would get to go along for a ride.

No matter the answer, Winston’s arms were always open for me!  

Winston had faith and trusted his life with me!  He trusted me for food and water.   By nature he was protective of our home so we chained Winston him to a tire heavy.  Havy enough he could pull it a short distance but would have to stop before he could get out to the road. 

As Wisnton grew older, he developed cancer and we had it removed with surgery.  After the surgery he had a stroke which caused him to walk with his head tilted some.   Yet his enthusiastic welcome remained unchanged.

Winston lifted my spirit, was at myside every moment he was allowed and became a part of who I am.   Winston taught me God’s lessons about love, trust, faithfulness, forgiveness, patience and obedience.

So many times I took Winston as a given and gave him little thought.   On every occasion he was 100% present when I took even the briefest of moments to acknowledge he existed.  If I just spoke his name it fullfilled his purpose of being.

I miss you Winston, yet I know you createed a place in my heart!  Forgive me for the many times I forgot you were at my side, waiting, trusting and being ever present for those brief moments I finally took time to let you into the consciousness of my life!

There’s gotta be a heaven for the creatures God sends to us to teach us his loving existence.

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