Priorites Healing or Gaming

Late one hazy evening Meuso, Thibodaux and Boudreaux were headed home in a boat on the bayou.  As they approached land Meuso saw what appeared to be a man walking on water.

He headed directly for the man to check it out.  As they approached he hollered out.  Who do you think you are, Jesus?  The man replied.  “I am Jesus”.

I don’t believe you, said Meuso.  You probably think you have healing power.  “I do said the man”.  Your going to have to prove it to me.  So the man asked Meuso.  Do you have any physical pains.  Yes said Meuso,  my elbow and shoulder are stiff and aching.  The man reached down and touched his elbow and shoulder.  Sure enough, Meuso felt immediate relief and could move his elbow and shoulder all around without pain.

The man then walked to the middle of the boat and asked Thibodaux the same question.  Thibodaux said, my neck is stiff and I have to turn my whole body to look at anything.  The man reached down and touched Thibodaux neck.  Sure enough, Thibodaux could turn his head around like a owl without pain.

Then the man walked to the back of the boat where Bourdruax sat.  Broudraux immediately stuck out his arm and said with alarm, no Lord, please don’t touch me.

I just got approved for workers comp and don’t have to work.


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