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Everyone gets a Gift


God gives everyone gifts. Sometimes it takes years to figure out the gifts we are given. God gave me a gift to let go! I didn’t know I had this gift until I was in the midst of discerning God’s call to speak his message that I didn’t know I already knew. God had blessed me with a gift of becoming a rain maker. Funny the term rain. It’s water the well spring of new life. In this case it was money, jobs, funding and a benefit to the work I did. I birthed, developed and created an idea, a concept using the analytical skill of observation. An art form if you will of being able to see what others can not see.

When one births such a baby, one becomes attached to that baby – after all it was my baby. But God wanted me to learn and do something else. So he gave me a test. Will you give up your baby to serve a greater baby? Well that’s not how I saw it then. Man I didn’t want to give up that baby!

But God knew something about me I didn’t know. I was riding on an airplane back from Washington D.C. and tears began to roll down my cheeks. I now know my spirit was giving up that baby and the tears were telling me to trust that I was being sent to bring good news that new life is always possible for those willing to open their eyes and ears to see the spirit working in our world.

So what baby are you holding onto? Can you let that baby go?

I let that baby go and a few years later that baby came back to me seeking new life!

Somebody Else Built It!


These words “Somebody Else Built It” were spoken recently by the president of the USA referring to those who have created and / or built a business.  Within this statement lives a point of view and a value of the president about the creation of a business.  No one is capable of building a business independently or on their own!  He further sated the business’s employees who work hard are also responsible for the business.

Well how come these statements have become so controversial?

Let’s examine the business creator to begin with.  This person or persons must have made a conscientious decision to create a business and at the stage a worker is not even in the picture.  At this point the business lives in the mind and heart of the creator.

Next the creator must do the necessary prerequisite work to create a business concept and plan.  One must undertake an investigation to determine the financial and personal risks.  Eventually the creator must decide to take the necessary steps and risk of investing ones time, talent and treasure into this new venture!  Still at this point in the process a potential employee / worker is still not in the picture.

Once the creator launches into the new business the creator must be willing to dedicate oneself to work as many hours and days as is necessary to achieve financial and individual satisfaction.  Even now an employee is not necessarily in the equation.

At some point when the business enterprise achieves sufficient success the creator must begin the search to identify prospective employees!  The the creator must conduct some type of analysis to determine which person have the proper attitude and aptitude to help the creator grow this business.    The creator must further assess the proper talent, attitude, pay and benefits compensation to attract the correct employees which will be critical to continued success.   We still do not have an employee and the creator is still working.

So when the creator does hire an employee the creator is still not finished.  The mission and vision of the business which lives in the heart of the creator must be passed on to the employee.  But this informational passage is just the beginning for the creator.  The creator must now monitor the employee to validate and assure the employee understands and is willing and able to support the mission and vision of the business.

At this point the creator must assure the business operates in compliance with all regulation and rules of local, state and federal regulations.

Should the business begin to fail the creator takes home the problem in hope a solution will be forthcoming.  Should and / the employee become a detriment to the success the creator must confront the problem head on and if necessary take corrective action or even dismiss the employee.

Should the business begin to struggle financially the creator must confront the salary of every person working in the business including the owner.

None of this is done without an emotional toll on the creator.

— Let’s see —  How is it —

the president equates the owner/creator & the worker as co-equal?

Yep it’s only fair — they both can work hard right?

Who did the president say takes home the burden and responsibility for the business and it’s employees?

Was it the creator or the worker?