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Which Prison has Stronger Bars – A Prison or the World?

I have been visiting a State prison for ten years now. Anything I bring in I am required to carry in a clear plastic see through bag. I am searched at the guard gate. I can only carry in my ID, car key and clear bag which is also run through a scanner along with my shoes, belt and glasses. Then I must walk through a scanner, pull out my front and back pockets and pull up my pant legs. Only then can I put myself back together again. Even with all this – bad stuff happens in the prison. It is not uncommon for the prison to be in lock down and I would not be allowed in. If lock down happens while I am there I will not be allowed to leave.

Do we really want to model our schools after a prison? Do we still have the ability and courage to ask the deeper questions about the failure of those in authority whose primary task it is to protect and teach how to navigate the real world of emotions, feelings and balance them with the courage of wisdom willing to search for the cause of the human breakdown and failure so our children may come to understand the lessons taught by Cain and Abel?

Emotions run high in a prison and they are running high in our land! I wonder what we are teaching our children? Emotions are a gift and serve a vital purpose -> send us on a search for wisdom and understanding!

We have an awful lot of unanswered questions about leadership failures of adults in authority! How can a gun law work – when responsible adults knowingly do not report serious problems, if known could have prevented the problem in the first place. And why do we refuse to allow well trained brave people willing to sacrifice themselves defend themselves? When will we ask these questions with equal intensity?

I wonder if modern man has the capacity to use the gift of logic and wisdom or has our modern world of reality TV world of instant gratification and answers over ridden our capacity to search the depths of our soul?

I wonder if we are being manipulated by those who support an agenda to make a “Change we can believe in” without clearly defining the “Change”. Are we going to let our emotions trap us in a prison?

I am a Father and a Grand Father. It is my God given duty and responsibility to protect and defend my children. Our founding Fathers were wise men who understood the lessons of Cain and Abel.