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Pinocchio Can You See the Truth

There is a political party that has mastered the art form of telling folks what is untrue so often that many unsuspecting citizens have begun to believe that a lie is the truth.

The scheme chosen to accomplish the desired level of success necessary to begin to accomplish their lust for power and control they captured the image of the cartoon character Pinocchio.

They know we love Pinocchio.  A lovable non living image of an innocent boy with a wonderful and disarming smile and best of all a dream of becoming a real live living being.  Everyone knows that wood cannot be changed into real flesh and blood but we all have hopes and dreams of a miracle and fulfillment of a life dream.

In order to achieve  the level of untruth necessary this political party recognized Americas vulnerability to it’s fascination with idols, imagination, the essence and innocence of the image of a Pinocchio.  Project a disarming smile, one people will love, one that causes people to believe in what is unbelievable.  One that seeks to disarms them into questioning misrepresentations of the truth.  One with such a smile and image couldn’t possibly be intentionally telling lies?

Remember when Pinocchio began to tell lies and how his nose began to grow.

We Can No Longer See the Truth Through the Image of Pinocchio’s Nose

Presently we have a political party whose nose has grown so mush that multiple branches and leaves have sported.  In fact the growth is so pervasively that the party has begun to believe it’s own propaganda of untruth.  The truth can no longer be seen because the branches and the leaves on it’s nose have completely obstructed it’s ability to see beyond the base of it’s nose.

Will someone please call a forester and have them trim the branches so the party can see the truth again.  But please please have a doctor on stand by to save them from the shock that the truth will surely reveal when they discover the truth is never a lie.

I still love you Pinocchio but Oh Boy

Have a priest ready as well for we are all in need of a sincere Lord Have Mercy!

Are we are in desperate need of a major trimming.  Wake up folks this party like Pinocchio associates with those who get out of control like drunk sailors on shore leave and never run out of someone else’s money.

Yep it’s time for the truth!