It’s Time — Restore the Married Priesthood

The Family and The Father Under Attack

Just watched another TV commercial that included a man and a woman.  As seems to have become the norm, the man was depicted as an idiot and the woman the smart single working decision maker.  Such commercials continue to support the secular progressive humanism objective to destroy and replace God.

In order to achieve this goal, long ago the secular progressives began a concentrated movement (political correctness) to gain power and control by destroying their greatest threat.  That threat is the “Truth” which is communicated through an openness to a power greater than humans which judges all thoughts and actions.  Now this power can best be described as a Creator God, the Spirit of God, the Lord God Almighty, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Therefore all religions must be undermined and minimized.  The secular progressive movement was underway before the day I was born back in 1943.  When I was in high school the movement had begun to make significant progress.  Prayer in school was being outlawed.  Abortion of the unborn became the law of the land.  The stage had been set to launch a subtle and stealthy attack to continue the attack to minimize and destroy God.

The Fundamental Most Basic Church = Family

The chosen path of destruction was to undermine the teaching arm of God, the church.  Television provided the first avenue to attack the social fabric of the most basic church, the family unit consisting of a mother and a father.  Now from antiguity, the most universal symbol of God and Christianity is the male and father of the family.  The concept of the First Born Son was another.  The Church which represents the Father another.

Universally accepted = The Father as Symbol as Head of the Church

The most visible symbols of God in the world are the “Holy Father – the Pope of the Roman catholic Church.  The Catholic Church (Universal), which can clearly claim the longest history of the Christian Church’s.  Destroy the Catholic Church and the remaining Christian Church’s will fall along side Her.  Any misstep by or within the Catholic Church is immediately magnified and disseminated world wide.  The Roman Catholic Church operates under a microscope being monitored 24/7 by the Secular Progressive Humanism cult.

I do not make excuses for the lack of character, failure of leadership or sinfulness that has occurred in the Roman Catholic Church.  Yet it is true (the truth will set you free), the sinfulness that has occurred in the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church pails in comparison to the rest of society with which it must live.

The Church is Built Upon Living Stones = Humans

The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is susceptible to human failure to temptation and sin no differently than the rest of humanity.  The difference is the living saints within the Church throughout it’s history have called their leadership back to the Truth, The Way and the Life of their model Jesus Christ.  It is in recognizing continual need of Spiritual Renewal and Purification that the Roman Catholic Church is reborn and continues as the oldest Christian religion.

Now the Roam Catholic Church teaches the “Family” is the sacred building block upon which the Universal Church is built.  Every religious leader come from an physical intimate relation between a man and a woman.  It is the woman whose faithfulness is necessary for a man to be sure the child born from this relationship is his legitimate child.  Hence, the concept of the First Born Son has been recognized by humanity fro the beginning.

As such, it became obvious to the secular progressive humanist, the method of successful attack would follow the example as described in the Book of Genesis as originally in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Adam symbolized the first man who was mislead by the first woman.  The question was, how can this scenario be replayed in the world over the 60+ years?  Television offered the perfect method of invasion into the inner fabric of the Family.

Separate the father and the Mother leaving the children at home to be inculturated by those who produce television.  In the early days of television programming the family was portrayed closely in line with the traditional ideals and values of Christianity.  Every great advancement includes the potential for good and evil and television was no exception.

Unfortunately, society placed their trust in people who lived outside the family and home.  Moms and dads began to desire stuff.  What used to be a considered luxury was now becoming an expectation and in 2011 is considered a right.

The Secular Progressive Humanism Subtle and stealth attack has come a long way.  Perhaps it can best be observed in the black communities where the basic family unit has been rocked with division and denial.  There exists more black on black crime, drug usage, school drop outs and rape than any other community.  The secular progressive blame outside society rather than help the black comunity look in the mirror of truth.  This is just another tactic to divide by moving ones focus from Christian Judeo values to secular humanistic values driven by the lust for power and control which is most threatened by a heathy family unit consisting of a mother and father committed to the family unit as church.

So how do we begin to turn the Ship Around?

Every year professional Baseball has spring training for the purposes of practicing and re emphasizing the basic principles of the game.

Getting back to the basics is the answer.  The basic include communicating the basic principle of church which was founded upon the family as the building block for the larger church.  The original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ was constructed beginning with married men and the celebration of church in the homes of believers.

We left that model years ago and the organized Catholic church is losing members in record numbers.  Worse the Catholic Church finds itself with a major stumbling block to the original model.  It is named “Celibacy”.  Celibacy is a charism and a valued principle.  But Celibacy does not and should not define the Roman Catholic Church.  Celibacy was a concept that arose from a human and family dilemma over who owned church property.

Looking through the lens of 2011 one could say with Celibacy the church won one battle and is now losing the building blocks of the family.  Which is more critical to the Roman catholic Church?

I think the Holy Spirit is calling the Roman Catholic Church to restore the married priesthood so as to speak most powerfully the importance of the living stone building block foundation of the Church.  This is a prime example of actions speaking louder than any words that could be spoken.  Such action would simultaneously address multiple social and religious ills very much alive in the world of 2011.





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