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The Story of the Vision 3

The Power of Twelve
The Power of Twelve……

The individual parts are not greater than the whole. The whole can not operate to it’s fullest potential without all parts joining in the task of protecting and saving the whole nation from destruction.

The Old Testament refers to the number of twelve – the twelve tribes of Israel. One of those tribes was dedicated to serve as the religious servants to the whole worshiping community. The Levit’s were called to honor this calling within the framework of the 12. The One Body concept would include all 12 tribes.

Back to the story ….

The iDove or white racing pigeons is diving directly down as if it’s destination is to plunge directly into the lake rapidly approaching below.

I stood motionless and wasn’t even able to breath as I watched the unthinkable and unbelievable real life playing our before my eyes. Is was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to me – pay close attention son, for you are slow of heart and I don’t want you to forget the lesson being played out to be burned into your heart planting a fire so intense it will erupt within your soul and rush to your lips and out of your mouth to a world so occupied with self and corruption it will cause my children to escape for a moment from bondage and slavery box they have placed themselves.

The iDove continued to propel itself with it’s power full wings and primary flight feathers to it’s maximum speed. I said to myself, I cannot watch this sure disaster yet I could not move my body or take my eyes off God’s creatures full filling the purpose for which they were created.

Oh My, at about 100 foot above the lake a huge Oak tree obscured my view! Surely at this late point these birds could no longer avoid crashing into the lake. I was able to move a smidgen, just in time to see the iDove descend below the trees lower drip line. 20 feet to impact!

The Twelve Tribes – No Way the Bird has 12 Tail Feathers to Guide it:

What happened next my eyes could not believe!! No way! This can’t be real! Ya gotta be kidding me! The iDove …

The Next Revelation

Do You Hear What I Hear? Hope while 20 Little Lambs are Laid to Rest

4th Sunday of Advent December 23, 2012

Micah was last of the four prophets of the 8th century BCE.  He was called to address the people during dark times.  Times were bad, very bad.  The people had been lead into captivity and slavery.  The future looked bleak and hope seemed to have vanished.  The People were distressed and questioning.  They are surrounded by signs darkness and loss.

20 little lambs and six shepherds laid to rest out in a field.  I ask want is it,  we want most for Christmas?  Hug your children moms, dads, grandmas & grandpas.  Children hug them back!

Modern Danger on all sides:

Danger surrounded them on all sides.  The Assyrian’s armies of Tiglathpilser III had conquered Damascus and Samaria.  Sennacherib was occupying part of coastal region and menacing Moresheth.   Micah knew the people had long ago chosen to reject God.  For not only was the threat external but the prophets, priests and judges had long been accepting bribes.

Micah witnessed the wickedness of leaders political and spiritual.  Princes and merchants were cheating and robbing the poor and humble, esp. women and children.   Priests, prophets and leaders were adapting words to create images the people wanted to hear.   Their leaders mislead the people to swap what was evil for good.  The Lord must have looked away and abandoned them to their plight.

Poor little suffering small inconsequential town.  Taken into captivity, families separated, children from parents, parents from grand parents, spouse from spouse.  There was no where to turn?

Micah was thrust into the stark reality that dreams and images of hope had been shattered with darkness closing in from all sides.  For an ancient story, a promise of hope, had been buried into his heart and the time had come for it to leap into Micah’s mouth and his breath of light escaped into the dark air with a message of hope and peace desperately needed.

A message of hope and peace is as desperately needed in today’s world as when I was becoming a young man in 1962 during the Cuban Missile crises.

‘Said the night wind – to the little lamb:’  ‘Do you see what I see?’ “

 ‘Way up in the sky – little lamb,’ ‘Do you see what I see?’  A star, a star Dancing in the night,  With a tail as big as a kite.

Bethlehem, Ephrathah the city of David.  Too small to be included among the clans of Judah, from you shall come for me the ruler, origin of old, from ancient times. The Promise of Hope!

The message of an infant – a Promised King.

When a virgin will give birth and He shall stand firm and shepherd, with that shall reach to the ends of the earth, shall be peace.

Two Women with Child:

Two women with child brought together, participating in God’s ancient promise.  Filled with the Good News and the Holy Spirit, a fourteen year old virgin girl makes haste to journey by herself to share the song in her heart to be shared with her beloved relative Elizabeth, who the Angel Gabriel had told her of.

Elizabeth’s baby stirred in her womb for joy, (the spirit in John recognized the song in her heart was joy at being in the presence of Jesus, the son of God).  Elizabeth too was filled with the Holy Spirit and cried out, “Blessed are you Mary, who trusted in the word of the Lord”.  Each woman was filled with a song of the miracle within.  One far too old and one a virgin young and pure willing to say yes I will do your will.

Do you Hear what I hear:

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy:  Do you hear what I hear?  Ringing thru the sky shepherd boy,  Do you hear what I hear?  A song, a song High above the tree, |: With a voice as big as the sea. 😐


The Child, the Child, – sleeping in the night  He will bring us – goodness and light  He will bring us – goodness and light