Fake News & the Christmas Blues

Fake news, fake news, the creators of the fake news are signing the Christmas blues! No one can hide in the darkness of the fake news, when soon the light that can not be extinguished will come to reveal the truth so carefully prepared in the darkness of fake light.

Oh fake news, fake news, the creators of fake news wine as the promised light will soon reveal the fake news is wrapped in the thin paper of self worship and idolatry. Little do the creators of fake news understand that even the spirit that lives in the fake news knows it has a doorway that can not be closed to the spirit of the light that is
coming into the world at Christmas to shine the light on all!

For the baby who came to one day testify to the truth is the only source which can save anyone open to the truth from the depression of the fake news blues.

Merry Christmas to all — yes even to the creators of the Fake News and it’s marriage to the blues! Merry Christmas to all!

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