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To Lily and Molly:

Merry Christmas 2021:

I wish you a very Merry Christmas December 25, 2021 and a Happy and prosperous New Year 2022 with new adventures in growing into young women!

Hope Came into the World During the Longest Night:

In every life time darkness invades life from time to time. Hope always shines forth in the midst of darkness. This Hope can lie hidden for years! Love is communicated through the gift of Free Will we call choice. The great difficulty for humans is the freedom and willingness to be open and actually begin to search for the spirit of Hope buried in the crucifixion story. Love is communicated by surrender to the spirit of Truth. Truth serves as a mirror and one can not escape the image of the one looking back. Humanity choose to crucify the one who came to testify to the Truth.

May Almighty God Bless you both.

My Yoke is easy and MY Burden Light:

Yoke first!

If Jesus Yoke is easy and His Burden Light – How come I am surrounded and being persecuted by those who seek to silence my voice! Surely there must be a bridge somewhere! Why is it hidden from my view? I am not kidding, I am in the midst of a mighty struggle and battle. It’s as if a disarming smiling face has embraced my being, yet behind my back a knife has penetrated my ribs.

As I struggle to understand and keep my balance as the voices of failure attack from within. Surely I have committed some kind of sin for which forgiveness is beyond reach! I am without a doubt a sinner, guilty and deserving of punishment.

Yet this persistent voice continues to call deep from within –> “stay the course”, I choose you, I gave you a vision of this battle. My eyes and spirit grow weary as I counter the demons who seek to unsettle my soul. Am I still called to follow? God gave me a vision of a mighty ragging war right where my leaders are unable to muster guidance? The Lord gave me a command speak of what I have shown you to see!?! The cost at moments is difficult as unworthiness hand cuffs my soul. Long have I been looking for a bridge that passes over my hesitation and waiting. I need that bridge to cross over the doubt, the valley of tears to gain access to the mountain side. Yes the destination I long for and the source of the voice I hear calling!

I ask and ask! What is it I am unable to grasp and need to understand?

Perhaps I should explore what is a Yoke? It is a device used in pulling a heavy load. For a Yoke to easy it must fit the wearer like a glove. It is tailored to embraces the wearer in a fashion that unites yoke to the one called. A Yoke is created exactly to fit unique character of the wearer! A easy Yoke is one made for the circumstances of the load to be pulled.

Oh! It is designed specifically for me and my talents! Hum!!! I say again can this be right? Hum!

My Burden is Light:

Well then, can we move on the concept of My burden is light? So what does burden mean? I must have a Yoke on, it’s tailor fit for me and it is going to assist me to pull something along = the burden? So is the “My” what makes the Burden Light? It’s not My Burden but the Burden of the one who called me! Yea, it’s His burden. Did I escape?

Hey – I am still creating and writing as a vision appears! Hang in there!

Fake News & the Christmas Blues

Fake news, fake news, the creators of the fake news are signing the Christmas blues! No one can hide in the darkness of the fake news, when soon the light that can not be extinguished will come to reveal the truth so carefully prepared in the darkness of fake light.

Oh fake news, fake news, the creators of fake news wine as the promised light will soon reveal the fake news is wrapped in the thin paper of self worship and idolatry. Little do the creators of fake news understand that even the spirit that lives in the fake news knows it has a doorway that can not be closed to the spirit of the light that is
coming into the world at Christmas to shine the light on all!

For the baby who came to one day testify to the truth is the only source which can save anyone open to the truth from the depression of the fake news blues.

Merry Christmas to all — yes even to the creators of the Fake News and it’s marriage to the blues! Merry Christmas to all!

God’s Timing is Perfect

God has perfect timing. Sometimes we humans just can’t seem to get it. In history we humans have encountered all sorts of tragic events and division often from within. Perhaps in God’s plan founded upon free will, we have to learn the lesson God teaches again every generation because the young must learn these lessons for themselves. We humans turn away from God and into ourselves and things get worse. We turn back to God and things get better. Perhaps God gave us president Obama to wake up some and Trump to wake up others. Do you suppose he wants us ALL to wake up and answer the most basic question – are we still capable of loving one another? And who among us is willing to pay the cost Jesus Christ knew he had to pay to teach a hard hearted and stiffed necked people? There is always hope and light if we learn to look in the right place! Love one another as I loved you!