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Fake News & the Christmas Blues

Fake news, fake news, the creators of the fake news are signing the Christmas blues! No one can hide in the darkness of the fake news, when soon the light that can not be extinguished will come to reveal the truth so carefully prepared in the darkness of fake light.

Oh fake news, fake news, the creators of fake news wine as the promised light will soon reveal the fake news is wrapped in the thin paper of self worship and idolatry. Little do the creators of fake news understand that even the spirit that lives in the fake news knows it has a doorway that can not be closed to the spirit of the light that is
coming into the world at Christmas to shine the light on all!

For the baby who came to one day testify to the truth is the only source which can save anyone open to the truth from the depression of the fake news blues.

Merry Christmas to all — yes even to the creators of the Fake News and it’s marriage to the blues! Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Snowflakes

A father who loves his children knows that from time to time he must disciple his children. A child knows discipline is love. It takes real wisdom and courage to be a father. He knows he will upset the apple cart and possibly create a significant emotional event. But a wise father knows there are no short cuts if he wants his children to grow up to be able to use fully their god given talents and a critical thinking capacity.

In our modern world we have many old and young children who are being described as snow flakes. They are each uniquely beautiful and they even sparkle like a stars. Yet a wise father knows they are trapped and have greater potential yet. For they are created of a special kind of fluid with the potential to create new life. He knows tough they are beautiful as a snowflake they could remain remain frozen,inflexible and incapable of creating new life outside themselves. Snowflakes are locked into a selfie state and must die before they can create new life!

A wise father knows he must create a kind of fire that will melt a snowflake thereby restoring it to it’s natural fluid state. Water the wellspring of new life when the breath of God passes over. A father who loves his children knows the action required may necessarily create a significant emotional event for the snowflake. After all he must find a way to generate the necessary internal heat and then stand back having faith the God who created humanity works wonders in the midst of a fire.