The To Be Continued – Jesus in the Boat Asleep:

Well where did I leave off? Oh yea my dad’s reaction in the middle of the night in the middle of the Storm / Squall! Oh my Today’s Gospel! Jesus sleeping in the boat in the middle of a Squall while his brothers were filled with anxiety!! Yea you and me – we humans! A test of faith and trust!! Do you trust me to finish?
My dad said – “Son it’s just the lightning”!  Go and get back in bed!
Magic words – my father had spoken! Promptly, I walked back into my room, got back in bed, covered myself with my blankets and immediately went fast asleep as the Squall, lightning, thunder and the blaring sirens continued unabated! Holy Smokes! Pay attention the Father speaks and everything – yes everything has a purpose! God wanted me to never forget that night!
Why I ask? Yes Lord – for you today! We are living in just such a Squall only it is a man made storm on purpose! The Great deceiver is working at deceiving humanity! Yes he is! I was born for this day and so were you!
Every time Jesus met his disciples his first words were “do not be afraid” and “peace be with you”! Yea he knew our humanity – he was there the day humanity male and female were created! He knows us inside and out!! We can not hide from Him!
And yes, yes, he loves us exactly where we are – yes even in the middle of the storm when we are caught red handed helping the great deceiver lead us down a fantasy trail into the bolt of lightning and fire!
Teach your children the Truth – you can be the best news your children and grand children and even great grand children can ever encounter!
So Friday the Good Lord sent me a 40+ year old inmate who was adopted as a baby yet
drugs took him on a journey where the Good Lord gave him to me as a gift and treasure!
I encourage each of you to become that treasure yourself where. Fear is replaced with peace! Yea an encounter with Jesus in the boat sleeping in the midst of a squall!
You know I gave this reflection to inmates in a State Prison.  English and Spanish.  One Spanish inmate did not speak English and so it was with Faith and Trust I asked the other Hispanic inmates to relay the story!

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