Gone Fishing –> The Discovery of my Heritage:

Stowell Family:

Back in the late 1980’s I told my mother Martha Stowell Meuninck I was in the process of becoming a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  My mother’s response was you are joining a long line of preachers.  At the time I did no have the wisdom to ask my mom, exactly what and who are you talking about?  Short sighted was I!

33 Years Ago:

Well it is 2023!  Whew more than 33 years ago this year!  Well circumstances have lead me to search for an understanding of the current situation in regard to my own ministry and just exactly what is the Lord’s plan for me?

Well I began a google search for the name Joseph Stowell a name I ran across listening to New Life Radio.  I knew at one point Joseph Stowell was the President of Moody Bible Institute.  Funny coincidence I worked at the Chicago O’Hare Airport in the 1970’s.  When I heard the name I began to wonder if this man Joseph could be the grandson like I was a grandson to my grand dad Tilton Cheney Stowell.  Funny first name Tilton Cheney.  I have a story to tell about me and kindergarten.

Another funny incidence.  I took a Course “Theology of the Body” Saint John Paul II’s teaching through the Dallas Theology Seminary in 2011?

Bejamin Ellijah Stowell March 6, 1847 (my Birthday Month and day)  Married Rosa Jane Livermore:  Children:  Mary Alice,  Joseph Michael (Grand Dad of Joseph Stowell – Moody fame),  Alma Livermore, plus  My Grand Parents:

Tilton Cheney – Oct. 4 1874 (Grand father) and Anna Marie Walsh – May 9, 1880 (grand mother):  Children:  Kathern B., Joseph Michael, Mary Margueritt, Richard Robert, Thomas Albert, Margueritte Carrol – May 18, 1915 (my mom)


Rosa Nell.

A Long line of Preachers:  That’s what my mom told me over 33 years ago.

Ultimately I ran across this video and took the time to listen:  Give it a listen:  See if you can figure out the invisible that ties us together?

Gone Fishing:



Conspiracy Theories:

Do you know where the term

“conspiracy theory”

comes from?
It was a term concocted by the CIA in the mid-60s
to ward off those who were beginning to raise questions
about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
A murder that is suddenly back in the news.

2023:  No longer a theory!!




What the Hey!  So lets start!  Just what are the four cardinal virtues?  And just why should I try and figure out what they are?

Darn – all of this about having “Courage”!  Having the courage to do what is necessary both right and good!   Do I have too?

Hmmm!  Four Cardinal Virtues!!!  Fortitude (hang in there), Prudence (foresight?), Justice ( not just about old selfie), and Temperance!  Yikes each word is packed full of spiritual meaning!

So just who decided to identify there?  Hmmmm!  Some old ancient guy – Thomas Aquinas of Hippo!  Do I need to know this?  And does “Hippo” mean the guy was “Hip”?  Maybe he was!  Is Hippo a part of this world?

I just got a new fast computer!  The mouse thinks it can read my mind!  Not so fast you little blipper!  Get back in your mouse hole!

Not Another Saint!

St. Thomas defines virtue for us as “a good habit bearing on activity” or a good faculty/habit!  Oh my the word faculty!?!   Awah shucks another funny word – I am just a red neck country boy!  Faculty?  Do I have to exercise discipline again?  And just what the Hey is discipline?  Oh yea -> snippet -> Discipline = Love!  Short hand that takes many words to describe such a complex spiritual reality demonstrated while handing on a cross!  I guess eyes can see and ears hear better when one encounters the well hidden secrets only a cross can reveal to the human who encounters the word suffering!  Oh man no body wants to do that!  Come follow me rings a bell!  Who said that?  And oh yea like a virtue one must choose to enter into the story!  Do I have too???

Where was I?

Gotta take a break before I kill this mouse — to be continued . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seven  —>  Oh Man another Number!!!!????

Seven Virtues!  Chastity, diligence (Concord vs Discord), Faith, Good Works, Humility, Patience, Sobriety:  Yea I didn’t kill the mouse!!!

Check out:      https://stream.org/

The Four Cardinal Virtues:  Cardinal a Hinge that hold up a heavy door so it can open and close.  A Cardinal a very very red bird.  The Color of life sustaining oxygenated bright red blood.

Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance:  == Hinges:  That which hold up a heavy door so it can open and close.

Prudence:  (oh no not that word Discipline oneself, to use reason to discern good versus evil / know the Ten Commandments – and we are creature not God.)

Justice:  (giving / treating people with dignity because they were created in the image of God.  Dignity is hidden in work – working enable one to discover gifts and talents.)

Fortitude:  ( persistence -0 hanging in there when it is hard, Courage to continue unabated – set one face like Flint)

Temperance:  ( involves all the senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste)

Who is the first and best teacher of the Cardinal Virtues????  Mom & Dad!


Chastity (oh my!  not in this world!),

Hearing the Ache Coming from the Heart

December 2022.  Visited today with a home bound friend.  All in a tizzy over his encounter with women!  Heck, he isn’t telling me anything new – I am married!  Ha ha on both of us!  Sometimes we get so very worked up and serious we can no longer see beyond ourselves.   So in the middle of tonight I woke up!  Hey I am now legitimately “WOKE”:!   Oh man – trouble brews!

My mind was working over time of the lament of the day!  I was witness to and how we humans struggle with grasping our diverse perspectives while stumbling all over ourselves that prevents us from being able to communicate!  Part of the problem is we lack courage to ask and courage to criticize one another!  Fear Fear – How to without destroying a relationship!  Love one another is not an easy task!  Taking the necessary risk to try seems to be our Achilles heel!  Hello There!

Life’s journey through the bowels of Atlanta during the early HIV / AIDS days was the doorway to the discovery my spiritual ears and eyes were being trained.  It was that very uncomfortable place I traveled to be and sit in the presence of mostly young men who were pouring out their souls in the accelerator lane self debating themselves and the others present.  They were in a self grappling match with themselves, questioning life’s purpose and meaning filled with a deep lament in regard to the very serious life and death circumstances they found themselves.

Why am I here?  What can I do?

I myself am probably not yet fully aware of just why in the heck was I present their with them in the first place?  What qualifications did I have?  My only answer that makes sense is – “I was called and I answered the call”!  I didn’t know it at the time, but I had worked through the Air Traffic Strike of 1981.  11,000 controllers walked out that day.  PATCO was the union and had negotiated the first contract with the Federal Government and pretty much had gotten everything they had asked for!  Why Strike??  It was part of my preparation to listen and hear to human cries that rise up out of the soul!

A 3rd Party AFLCIO Hidden Agenda:

The AFLCIO had control of the Trucks and Ships!  Now if only they could control the airplanes they would have the Power to shut down the Nation’s transportation system.  Funny how this event had prepared my spiritual ears and eyes to see and hear!  Yes, this is the deadly sin hidden in the Garden Story in the Book of Genesis.  Yes hidden in the symbol of the tree!  Yes the tree that belongs to God holding the forbidden fruit!  Fruit natures lure of good taste and healthy food – yet hidden within lies “choice”, “free will” and the consequences = “death”!

Why did 11,000 Controllers Go On Strike?

That is the precise question I wanted an answer to!  Fortunately I was not alone!  A number of Leadership and Human Behavior courses were rapidly opened up and I was able to participate.  I used this training today December 2022!  Morris Massey’s video “You are who you were when” hit the nail on the head.  It takes a significant emotional event to open the doorway of the human heart and mind to begin to search and ask why am I upset?

  Thus the Beginning of Lament:

A short few years later I found myself in the bowels of the HIV / AIDS crises amidst genuine laments!  Why me!  Why I asked myself was the word “Lord” missing?  Another treasure missed – created in the image of God within -= ones soul!  The battle in the beginning continues today!  Within in this battle I was unknowingly being prepared oh so long ago to see and hear with spiritual eye and ears!

to be continued . . . . . . . . .




Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve:

December 25, 2022 – Merry Christmas!  Winter Solstice arrives once a year in each hemisphere.  Generally in the Northern Hemisphere the exact day is oh so very close to December 25.

Interesting is the reality in ancient times people realized the day light was getting shorter and shorter.  Thus natural worry the end of time might be coming.  Today we know it is a natural cycle of the earth rotating around the sun.  Winter Solstice is the day with least amount of light of day.  One could say the darkest / longest night.  In ancient times it became a pagan holiday or feast.  Seems the church understood pagan man and decided to to use December 25 as the birth day for Jesus Christ.  A light came into the world on the longest night – the Christmas Feast day was established and it captured the imagination of the people of the world.

Darkness and Light = Unspoken Language every human can interpret:

Wow – such a wonderful contrast between darkness and light!  Truth and the promised fulfillment of the old testament arrived during the darkest nights of the year!  And the story told how there was no room for the light in the inn!  Thus in a stable setting in natures home arrived the earthly vessel containing the spirit essential to communicating the message of hope, joy and celebration in the midst of the darkness!  A treasure was born quickly to be honored by the presence and symbolic gifts of three wise men who traveled afar following a star representing the hopes and dreams long ago recorded in humanities search for truth!

Born in Darkness Joy Escaped into the Light of Day:

Joy to the World – a Baby was born destined to communicate through suffering a most profound message hidden within His human body which passed the most powerful unspoken message to man = Hope!


Life Sentence, Hope for Parole, Rejection, New Life

Silence:  The Doorway for the Spirit of God to Enter:

Went to prison on Friday as usual.  Changed my game plan since one inmate indicated he needed silent time.  He told me in prison there is no silence unless:  Something not good has happened or is going to happen.  Tension exists when silence permeates a prison.

Adoration:  Worshiping the Eucharist – The Body of Christ:

Yep that was my game plan.  Light a candle and Expose the Eucharist on a small table in the room so the inmates who come can worship and adore the Body of Christ!  Not so sure all Catholic’s let alone Christians understand the Eucharist, Silence let alone Adoration?

The Real Presence:

For twenty minutes in silence we sat, kneel ed, and prayed!  Then I broke the silence and asked them to reflect upon their individual sins.  After another fifteen minutes I again interrupted and asked them to join me in praying as perfect an Act of Contrition as we possible could!

Act of Contrition:

Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee,  and I detest all my sins because of the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.  But most of all because they offend Thee, who are all good and deserving of all my love.  I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace to confess my sins and amend my life.  Amen.

Since these inmates are and have been confined to prison and no priest has visited for over 3 years – this is the best we can do!  I tell them the next time a Catholic priest is available, grad them by the arm and ask them will you please hear your confession!

Communion Service – Outside Mass:

After the Act of Contrition, I ask them to join me in celebrating a Communion Service.  We begin with the Sign of the Cross, an opening prayer and the Penitential Right.  Next we begin the Liturgy of the Word from Scripture.

At the moment I begin to proclaim the Gospel, a young man knocks at the door.  We invite him in and ask how we can help him.  We discover he is looking for information regarding the Catholic Religion.  So heck we ask him to stay with us as we celebrate and briefly explain what we are doing.

At the conclusion of the service we ask him to stay and ask whatever questions he has for us in regard to his queries!  Lord Have Mercy!  He is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and the difference between the protestant and Catholic Religions.

“Alleluia Alleluia”

In my book is timing is perfect.  One of the older inmates was recently turned down for parole and it was clear to me his disappointment took a spiritual tole on him.  To my great delight, this inmate took the greatest interest in answering this young mans questions.  It was a perfect opportunity for him to share his faith journey and in depth learning during his many years of incarceration.  Lord have mercy!  I sense the excitement in his manner and voice.  A rich opportunity to share his faith and journey to discerning the word of God.  Holy Smokes – sure appeared to me the Holy Spirit had set this even up.  It was uplifting!  In fact I would say both the young man and the veteran inmate were lifting each other up as words and explanations were exchanged.

to be continued …….






Still Under Development? Yep!:

Hey – What’s this all about?

Hey All:  I have been working on “theideacon.com” web site since 2011.  I am sure it is messy!  Many transitions / upgrades etc. etc.  Started this for my grand kids so maybe one day they could check out what I thought about things I posted here!  Was never intended to be perfect!

Reality is many improvements have been made to “WordPress.com” and all the associated plugins etc.  This is a learning by doing exercise!

Please Holy Spirit protect my back – Well I made it through a Knot hole!

But perhaps most important to me is to try and write according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  In 2011 I underwent my second open heart surgery.  My description was “I was pulled through a “knot whole”!

As a result I began to pray constantly why did the Good Lord kept me around?  Later after many weeks and months the Good Lord gave me a Vision to reflect upon.

The Birth of “theideacon.com”

Ah Ha – “theideacon” was born!  In this web site somewhere the reader will find a description of my vision and interpretation!

Forgiveness is found at the foot of the Cross:

Please please forgive me my human failures when it comes to writing, spelling, sentence structure, etc., etc..  I am a two finger typing and my mind are not in sink!  My mind does not think about what I just wrote in regard to correct writing discipline.  My mind frankly is racing way ahead on what might be written next!

Perhaps there-in Lies the Secret Message – Life Struggle with me Please:

If you struggle – well perhaps if you struggle – then perhaps we share the same spirit of struggle together!  It is the spirit hidden in the message I pray and hope to reveal!  God Bless anyone willing to enter the spiritual war I am attempting to put into words!

Just say “YES”:

November 26, 2022 – yes 11 years living a calling!  The key word is “YES” Lord!  He didn’t call me to be perfect – no he called me to seek perfection by taking the risks the Yes demands!  I am a work in progress – no apologies!

Wanna Help?  Am I crazy or what?  Oh Yea – open the doors and let the Holy Spirit in!

The One Flesh Under Attack:

For many many months I have posted about the mean spirited War against the “One Flesh”! It is a basic teaching of scripture and the Roman Catholic Church articulated through the teaching “Theology of the Body” of Saint John Paul II!
Jesus Came to???
Jesus told us he came to testify to the Truth! The powers of his day were so happy they plotted and finally crucified Him.
He taught us through His willingness to suffer. he spoke the whole time from the cross!
Our eyes are blind and our ears deaf in 2022!
Politics and Truth Not:
Our Political leaders have abandoned and in fact have been seeking to destroy the “One Flesh”! The last election reflects the great deceivers success!  Image is all that matters in our modern selfie world! Polished, Slick, and Confident is the great deceiver’s followers!
Forgive me Father – I have Failed:  It is Clear:
I have failed to be effective in opening the eyes and ears of people! Lord have mercy of me! Here in Georgia just who do our Senators represent? It’s not Christian values and principles! An informed conscious is required if this nation is to defend its original principles and values!  Oh so many have been lulled to sleep and in reality consumed by hi technology!
Yes Babies:
Literally babies are handed a smart phone without any parenting in regard to the good and evil present!
Really Are Our Ears and Eyes Open?
I remind those willing to listen! I have been visiting prison for over 11 years! My first day I walked through a room of washed out looking 17 year old men. It caused me to ask numerous questions! The old inmates told me about these young men! They are mad as hell!! What I didn’t expect is what they are so angry about?
Oh Mom and Dad – Yes Truth and very Basic’s of New Life:
Mom and Dad and no discipline! 3 in 1! The spiritual ideal of marriage! Mom and Dad do you love me enough to stop / discipline me? The answer in our modern selfie world is no!! Burn, loot, tear down, set on fire are all cries asking if anyone loves the younger generation ? Do we stop them – politically = NO!
Everyone Needs a Handy Mirror:
Everyone needs a mirror to look into! The enemy is looking back!! My worst enemy

Vote in Georgia – Culture of Death or Freedom

Culture of Death — Polished — Yes/No?

Can’t support the culture of Death especially from someone who makes the high claims to be a Christian Reverend and Pastor. I see, acknowledge and admit he sure appears as slick, polished and confident. And “oh my” all the $$ money he is attracting – he is a Hollywood and Disney’s man! Has he been bought and paid for by outsiders of Georgia? A great pretender! In today’s hep language he supports Woke rather than scriptures warning to be awake?

What does scripture Tell Us?

Scripture tells of the great deceiver Adam and Eve encountered in the beginning. Yes the Rev has mastered deception. Has found a way to speak words many people want to hear. The giveaway is his action and support for sins that are opposed to God’s design for man, true Christian teaching, values and principles.

Just where is he leading Georgia and America! It is not support of the founding principles and values of this nation or the Christian principles and values that made this nation a light on the Hill.

Who is Racist?

He supports the abortion of 70-80% of babies of his own race and places no limits to even higher percentages. Would he support infanticide as well? I have serious concerns!

 Transition the Healthy Young into What?

He supports the transitioning of healthy young kids, removal of healthy organs, sterilization of minor kids. Modern Science has no idea of future consequences!  The free flow of fentanyl and opioid drugs into our nation. He has not opposed in any meaningful way the destruction of life underway. All the while the suicide rate among young Americans has skyrocketed – no meaningful action there either. His actions support the military losing focus on their primary mission.

What is that Vision Again?

Now he asks me / us to support his vision / agenda while his actions are destructive to the American Republic and it’s citizens. All the while he smiles broadly as his party facilitates an invasion at the southern border! Chuck Schumer told us clearly they want to replace our aborted babies, and those lost to the accelerated drug money and the newly increased action to sterilize young American citizens. Chuck didn’t lie! Are we fools?

What kind of Angel is Raphael?

Raphael is scriptures Archangel that seeks to pray with those who seek healing. The Reverend Raphael is missing the mark! Scripture warns us about great deceivers! He will not be the last.

Let’s Pray: !!

Yes I pray for his conversion to the truth of scripture and the healing of a deeply divided people on the cusp and brink of perhaps irreversible self destruction.

Will you join me in Prayer?

Some may not agree with me ?? I wonder will you pray with me to the only source capable of saving our nation from self destruction every great nation eventually fell to – selfie self (woke) as God!!