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Grandson Graduation – Holy Smokes Surprise:

The Ancient Spirit always present – manifested a Surprise:

My wife and I drove to my grandson’s graduation from College event at his school.  Got there early for the event to meet up with his parents and sisters.  It was held in the building facility where basketball game were hosted and adequate seating was available.  I suspect the school turned the air conditioning down in anticipation of a large crowd.  Sure enough for this old man it was cold.  The blood thinner I am taking surely was not a helpful factor regarding my ability to stay warm.  After finding our seats we sat down.  Wasn’t long this old man had to get up and walk around to stay warm before the event began.  Up and at it – walking – er- pacing the balcony above the basketball floor I went.

Amen – Finally here they come:

Finally the procession of professors, teachers, staff and students of all ages began.  I stopped new one of the cameras used to display the unfolding event of two big screens so all could see better.  Yep, as I watched my grandson processed in with his classmates.  About time and I was still a cold old man!  I decided to stay put higher up where the air should be warmer than down on the floor of the building.

I stood at the rail overlooking the event standing next to the camera man and to my left was another younger gentleman with a mustache standing at the same rail.  I imagined he had a child graduating with this 2024 class.  After all faculty, staff and students were seated, which took a long while, I finally asked?  Do you have a student who is graduating?  Yes I do was the answer.  His name Caden.  And you sir, who are you here for?  I said my grandson is graduating today!

You gotta be kidding me – someone pinch me!

His response to me was immediate:  Garrett is my son’s roommate!  No way!  Just on our way in to the event we ran into a lady whose name was Kim and she was just a kid back in 1983 when we moved into our new home in Fayetteville, Georgia.  I was told Kim was the mother of my grandson’s roommate.  There she was down below sitting in an isle seat.  The roommates mom and dad I meet minutes apart and she was my neighbors kid in 1983 –  Yea 41 years ago.  Holy Smokes!   

Story continues to unfold:

I am not done!  Next this man named Mike told me he played baseball in high school and when he cam to pick up his girl friend he saw a batting cage in my back yard!  My mind rushed back to the August 3rd ATC strike of 1981Six day weeks and 10 hour days made it impossible for me to coach or help coach their youth baseball teams.  In-order to do something positive to help them I purchased a batting cage and pitching machine to take advantage of my limited time I had to help them with their chosen sport.  Who I ask would take notice and remember all these years later a batting cage?

There is this Spirit that ties us all together if only:

How is it I ask?  Just how is it that the journey of life 41 years later would one day bring together people separated in time.  There son and my grandson roommates for four years!   Parents and grandparents untied in the same celebration at the same time and place!  The Holy Spirit had to set this whole thing up!