The iDove revealed to the iDeacon

Unspoken words — an answer to a continuing prayer – A Vision put into a story told.

Lessons Taught on a Deep Blue Bird Sky Day:

A messenger from above suddenly appeared high in the deep blue bird sky high above!  The ideacon was walking down hill toward a beautiful 5 acre lake.  A vision unfolded before his eyes becoming the building blocks for his future mission.  It interrupted his day launching him into what became a daily / weekly / monthly in depth reflection!  The search to seek to clarification and understand of it’s meaning.   What transpired spoke volumes yet not a single word was spoken or heard!  Nature’s signs and images spoke in a way they could not be forgottenImages imprinted in one’s mind and soul!  Again and again allowing one to step back in time as if one never left that moment.

The Messenger Triggered Multi Month/Year Spiritual Reflection:

This event continues to trigger deep reflection.  He couldn’t stop reflecting upon what took place.  Oh so slowly it taught him that the already he knew what was what he needed to understand!  Over time – honestly he gradually realized he had already known it.  It was a Spiritual testimony to open ones mind to the spiritual reality that has always existed from the beginning of time.  Oh my – could it be – we already know what we need to know yet don’t know we already know it.  Breathless he watched!

February 14, 2011 — The Revelation of “the War between the Flesh and the Spirit“.

As the iDove dove from the sky the event created an awakening for the iDeacon to the reality of the current day War was ragging!  Oh yes and it was a continuation which originally began long long ago as “In the Beginning“!  The iDove drove straight down at the earth!  No deviation what so ever.  As the iDeacon observed the dove’s dive his mind raced trying to grasp and understand exactly what was taking place before his eyes.  What in the world was that bird diving at?  Why oh why?

Cool, Clear, Crisp Beautiful – Perfect – for Capturing One:

Oh what a beautiful day it was. Cool clear deep blue bird sky overhead on a spring day. Not a cloud in sight. The iDeacon was observing his homing pigeons circle overhead as was the norm.  One could easily sense the joy these pigeons must feel as the air passed under their wings. God’s creatures gracefully fulfilling the purpose for which they were created as they circled high above the earth.  Higher and higher into the sky above they flew. Then in a blink of the eye, the iDeacon detected something had changed in the maneuvers of the birds high above. The smooth path of flight suddenly accelerated. The sound of their wings increased and could be heard below as their wing speed intensified. The smooth graceful circles were replaced by abrupt changes in direction of flight.  Something was amiss?

The iDeacon was stopped in his tracks as he searched for an answer for what had caused the changeWithout warning a single white pigeon from the folk of seventy began a drive from about a 1000 feet.  With the Blue Bird Sky as a back drop the white bird stood out clearly.  The bird was not just any dive — straight down at the earth as fast as could plunge down.

How fast can they fly straight down – 100 200 mph? The dive took the iDeacon’s breath away!  He froze in his tracks.  It was an amazing sight yet?  Was the pigeon  really diving straight down?  Yes yes – In fact straight down at a 5 acre lake below.  Could this be real?  Was this white pigeon performing what appeared to be a suicide dive straight down into the water?  Am I breathing asked the iDeacon?

Why?  What’s Happening?

There was a 70 foot tall white oak trees at the edge of the lake. As the bird approached 50 feet above the tree top of the white oak, the iDeacon finally saw the cause for this drastic life and death dive!  There directly on the tail of the white pigeon was a coopers hawk.    Both diving straight down as committed to a life or death dive.

Unbelievable: they both were diving at wreck neck speed directly down at the lake as fast as they could.  Again above the tree the iDeacon could see the hawk extending his talons for the kill.  Play and replay the vision – is this real?

Oh my, an oak tree was between the iDeacon and the death dive. The birds disappeared behind the tree and iDeacon was sure there was no way these two birds would escape crashing into the lake.

Only God could create a creature capable of what the iDeacon saw next.  As the white pigeon descended below the canopy of the white oak tree it made an unreal last second maneuver!  Just amazing it made a pull out just skimming the surface of the lake.  It not only escaped the lake and the hawk – it had begun a climb back into the clear blue sky! Where is the hawk – it left the hawk somewhere in it’s dust.  The iDeacon did not see what happened to the Hawk.  It did not crash into the Lake!  The iDeacon can only surmise the Hawk the rapidly approaching lake saw the impending danger and made a decision to abandon the dive on the prey in favor survival.

No Way – No Way – A Spiritual Voice Talking!!!

No way, no way, this was unreal yet it happened and could not be denied!  The pigeon really did leave the hawk in the dust using this amazing pull up maneuver. Finally, the iDeacon was able to take a new breath of air as he stood frozen in his tracks trying to absorb, annualize and digest the really real life and death struggle that had just unfolded before his eyes.

In the coming days this event was played out again and gain in the iDeacon’s mind. Through this event the voice of the iDove began to speak and reveal the symbolic battle that took place that day!  And it slowly taught the lesson takes place everyday between the flesh and the spirit of our world.  In the process the iDove had hooked the iDeacon and the birth of this web page was sealed!

To be continued The Story Unfolds …….

Hidden in the Story <—> Stealth War   February 18, 2011 — Often in life we humans can not see what is right in front of our noses or hear the sounds crying out to be heard by our ears! I wonder if anyone could see all of the symbology that was hidden in the story of the iDove and the iDeacon? In fact I can tell you the iDeacon could not see the fullness of the story of what was revealed on that beautiful spring morning.

The discovery of the “Truth” hidden in the story was to come only in time! The “Already and the Not Yet” – “Say What”?  The iDeacon was amazed to discover he didn’t know what he already knew!  It is a kind of example of the “Already” but “Not Yet”!  Often our spirits already know what our conscious minds can not articulate. The Kingdom of Heaven that is “Already” (at hand)  in 2011 but the also promised perfected Kingdom is “Not Yet”.

One can have great difficulty with the concept of Kingdom “Not Yet”. A trip to the reality by first traveling through the Kingdom “Already”. After Jesus was baptized by the John the Baptist in the Jordan river, upon coming out of the river a dove descended over him and Jesus said “the Kingdom of heaven is at hand” – acknowledging the “Already” – already exists.

My Preparation long Ago as a Boy!

Some may be wondering — What chew talking about – have you lost it????  Long ago when I was a boy, I lived in the second largest Belgium settlement in the USA. The national sport in Belgium is racing pigeons. The west end of my home town is where the Belgium’s settled and it seems every 10th house had a pigeon loft in the back yard when I was a boy.

About 3 PM every afternoon when the men came home from work at the Ball Band factory, the Belgium air force (homing pigeons) were let out to exercise. These pigeons would circle and circle around the home loft for 30 minutes to an hour each evening or until the fancier called then in by whistling or shaking the feed can. I used to ride my bike through the alleys of the west end looking for pigeon lofts. Then one day my dad asked me if I wanted some pigeons. Raising and racing homing pigeons entered my blood stream and I began a journey to learn more than I could ever articulate only to discover years later that which I had come to already know.

The Power of Ten:

Do you know how many primary flight feathers a racing pigeon has? These are the feathers that propel the pigeon through the air.  Did you know they rotate as the air passes through them which serves to propels them forward with greater efficiency and simultaneously creates a distinct generate tonal sound like a swish. ( ‘wing whirring’ The production of non-vocal communication sounds by aeroelastic flutter of flight feathers).

In fact it catches your attention when a flock of homing pigeons pass over head. You can tell the velocity of flight by the intensity of the sound. Oh yea! You want to know how many primary flight features a racing pigeons has. They have ten.

Now why would that fact be symbolic. It’s the number ten from ancient times that has been passed on from generation to generation that keeps one on the straight and narrow. It is in following this ten that can save ones life from destruction. It is this power of ten that can propel one at the speed necessary to escape the enemy that threatens ones life.  The Ten Commandments!  Ancient Truth – guidelines how to live a good life and get to Heaven!

Symbols Hidden:

Remember, we are speaking of the hidden symbols buried in the story of the iDove!  And the iDove is the symbol of the Spirit of God and the spirit of ones soul for each is created in the image of God! Could it be the Ten commandments provide humanity with most basic and necessary principles and guidelines to be digested and understood?

Could they contain the secret principles that when followed will lead one to encounter the fullness of life, find liberty and the path that leads to freedom and happiness?  And in the end opens the doorway to save ones soul from the evil one and ultimately find oneself standing at the open doors of heavens?

The Power of Twelve: To be continued ….. Stealth Symbols

The Power of Twelve X 2  

The Power of Twelve…… The individual parts are not greater than the whole. The whole can not operate to it’s fullest potential without all parts joining in the task of protecting and saving the whole nation from destruction. The Old Testament refers to the number of twelve – the twelve tribes of Israel. One of those tribes was dedicated to serve as the religious servants to the whole worshiping community. The Levitt’s were called to honor this calling within the framework of the 12. The One Body concept would include all 12 tribes.

And Oh my –> “X 2” = The Twelve Apostles:

Back to the story ….

The iDove or white racing pigeons is diving directly down as if it’s destination is to plunge directly into the lake rapidly approaching below. The ideaon stood motionless and wasn’t even able to breath as he watched the unthinkable and unbelievable real life playing our before his eyes.  Is was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to me – pay close attention son, for you are slow of heart and I don’t want you to forget the lesson unfolding!

As it played out it was burned into my mind and heart forever.  A fire was planted so intense it erupted within his soul, rush to his lips and out of his mouth to a world so occupied with carefully crafted political corruption of the truth !  So much so the seeds of truth were unable to set many from escaping from the bondage and slavery box they had surrendered themselves to.

20 feet to impact!  The iDove continued in the now folded wing – no resistance dive at maximum speed. The ideacon thought to himself, I cannot watch this sure disaster yet  could not move his body or take his eyes off God’s creatures fulfilling the purpose for of the message they were created to deliver! 

Relived again!  Oh My, at about 100 foot above the lake a huge Oak tree obscured his view!  Surely at this late point these birds could no longer avoid crashing into the lake. He was able to move a smidgen.  Yet totally focused to see the iDove descend below the tree lower canopy / drip line.  20 feet to impact!

What happened next my eyes could not believe!! No way! This can’t be real! Ya gotta be kidding me!

The iDove … The Next Revelation to be continued …….

An Anointing / Oil:

Did you know a homing pigeon has an oil gland located near the base of it’s tail.  Each day these bird preen themselves!  It is a process that includes running it’s beak across the oil gland thereby spreading a thin layer of oil all over it’s feathers.  It’s why water rolls off a ducks back.  It is an anointing of itself daily as in daily prayer that adds a layer of protection against it’s enemies – the weather and hawks.  Equally the oil allows the bird to flow through the air with greater efficiency and less resistance to the air.  Simply an amazing is God’s design in the very beginning!

The Symbol of a Heart:

Oh my!  I knew this all these years yet I did not understand!  A Homing Pigeon has a wattle on the top of it’s beak!  It is white (when healthy) and is in the shape of a heart!  It is the organ scientist believe where the secret of Homing Pigeon ability to find it’s home is buried,  In the center of this heart shaped organ!  A Homing pigeon knows it’s way home yet has never been taught!  Doesn’t mean for second it can’t get lost or captured.

And – And – It Knows it’s Enemy yet has Never Seen Him:

to be continued ………

It knows it enemy though it has never seen him!

Ancient man paid close attention to these birds!  They knew from observation these birds loved their home because they faithfully returned home again and again.  Ever wonder why the Dove was chosen as a symbol for the Holy Spirit?

A Messenger with wings – – Power – Free to Fly Above the Earth:

The Holy Spirit – the symbol of a dove!

The Message:  The War between the Spirit and the Flesh:  The War against God’s design for man is at hand!

Little did the ideacon know at the time the war revealed was about to escalate.  The War against the “One Flesh”.  Man, woman, husband, wife, male, female, father, mother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grand mother while seeking to destroy God’s design for the One Flesh!  Not easy to wrap ones arms around the One Flesh.  It follows God’s design of God!  3 in 1.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Male, Female and God 3 in 1.

LBJ – the death of JFK!  The Great Society = the Death of the one flesh – the family!

Man’s Imagination trumps Truth and replaces God’s design!  – man can be woman and woman can be man or even something non binary!  Fantasy replaces truth!  Relativity replaces critical thinking!  Each human can determine truth.  The spirit of Unity is fragmented!  The War has accelerated and escalated!  Now a new religion has been mandated by man for man!  Self destruction is in the air!  The Great Deceiver as in the beginning has long been at work and is gaining many followers.  Today’s world has self declared devout leaders with titles like “President” and “Reverend” who openly support the new religion with active support of the new religion!

The Period 2011 – 2023 the iDove Continues to Speak:

Man has declared “selfee” man is God!  The War against God’s design has accelerated!

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