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Climate Change and God

Worked in the National and Military Air Traffic system for over 42 years where it was critical to watch the weather minute by minute and hour by hour. Watched 1000’s of jet aircraft line for take off – some near the temperature sensors at airports near runways (no impact to the sensor while those jet engines ran!!!) Got a Ham license years ago – had to study the impact of the sun on the earth and radio frequencies – amazing what happens as the sun rises and sets everyday. Eleven year cycle of heating and cooling the earth. Raised homing pigeons as a boy and discovered the hard way these birds can’t find home during a solar storm. That sure is one powerful sun from so way far off. Then 20 years ago began to manage my own forest, did control burns which creates it’s own wind. Constantly looked for wind graphs of earth – http://windyty.com, wind may http://hint.fm/wind/ https://earth.nullschool.net/…

Check these out for yourself – mazing what water, oceans, rivers and land have as well the rising and setting of the sun on the wind!

Have formed an my own independent opinion about “Climate Change” – God created it so it changes minute by minute, hour by hour, every day all day long – no joke!

And now the US Attorney General wants to silence me – heck I will just refer her to my attorney –> God.