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Fire – Prescribed Burn – California?

Yesterday, I ordered pine trees to be planted in places clear cut last year. Yep earth ministry at work using the tools God provides unseen to many concrete dwellers. Many of them demand no trees be cut down! Go figure what happened In California where concrete heads scorched the earth killing every living thing and assured the birth of new life is delayed and the waters of new life create mud slides to extend misery far beyond eyes blinded by man’s power grab to replace the one who created it all.
I will be using fire 🔥 in the next few days to prepare the earth to receive the trees. Can you see? The ground is saturated with water. Most of fuel for fire removed and only dead trash covers the ground. Fire 🔥 consumes whats died and converts it to ash – a magic formula for replenishing nutrients needed for the birth of new life of every form! Trees and wild life will rejoice when the new garden leaps from the earth.

Oh did I forget to tell you I must wait for the right wind so the fire battles itself until it extinguishes itself! Yep it’s kinda the breath of dying in preparation for a new rising! Lord have mercy on those who seek to replace God’s plan with pride, sin and self!

When these human sins thrive the land is covered with dead fuel of sin and if repentance (a controlled burn) doesn’t occur soon a scorched earth not capable of sustaining life will bring a muddy mess when the waters come to renew life!

Man oh man do I have a lot of work to do! I am just an old man hoping some how my children and grand children will encounter the breath of new life more abundant that arises from the ashes of dreams unfulfilled so when the design God dreams for them appears they can enter the garden prepared they discover the true gift they are and love embraces them so tightly it radiates where even the blind can see!!

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire! Well actually this is a prescribed burn and what it looks like. Use fire to extinguish fire. The dead wood and brush of the earth are converted to ash! Catholics should know except maybe they haven’t figured out ash contains nutrients that serve as fertilizer for new life!! Kinda like confession to rid the soul of death in exchange for the essential grace that sustains the rebirth of new life! I am gonna smell like smoke when I get home! Thank God I have a laundry woman! Don’t step a foot in this house until you Give me them clothes!!!

Dear Snowflakes

A father who loves his children knows that from time to time he must disciple his children. A child knows discipline is love. It takes real wisdom and courage to be a father. He knows he will upset the apple cart and possibly create a significant emotional event. But a wise father knows there are no short cuts if he wants his children to grow up to be able to use fully their god given talents and a critical thinking capacity.

In our modern world we have many old and young children who are being described as snow flakes. They are each uniquely beautiful and they even sparkle like a stars. Yet a wise father knows they are trapped and have greater potential yet. For they are created of a special kind of fluid with the potential to create new life. He knows tough they are beautiful as a snowflake they could remain remain frozen,inflexible and incapable of creating new life outside themselves. Snowflakes are locked into a selfie state and must die before they can create new life!

A wise father knows he must create a kind of fire that will melt a snowflake thereby restoring it to it’s natural fluid state. Water the wellspring of new life when the breath of God passes over. A father who loves his children knows the action required may necessarily create a significant emotional event for the snowflake. After all he must find a way to generate the necessary internal heat and then stand back having faith the God who created humanity works wonders in the midst of a fire.