Destination Home:

Home – a treasure – a place one would be willing to die to protect and return to – no place like home!
Human observation a gift! Spiritual observation a skill to see what is hidden deep within a treasure reserved for those willing to be open to a power of a dove!
Sunday last my pigeons were released 215 miles from home. Most made it the first day 45+ mph!
Wednesday evening I was hunting and got a call. A lady about a mile away had one of my pigeons that hadn’t yet made it home. I met her about an hour later. She gave me the bird. I carried it home.
When I reached home the bird died in my hand.
As I reflected upon this birds journey home – the spiritual reality of this birds desire to return home began to sink in! I noticed it had feathers at the base of it’s tail missing along with a couple primary tail feathers. A sure sign of a hawk attack on the bird on it’s the journey home!

I wonder if the eyes and ears of your spirit are open?There are great dangers thriving in this world which seeks to take our life and prevent us reaching our treasured destination. This bird never gave up in spite of over welming difficulties of the journey. It was willing spend every once of energy to reach it’s beloved home. The bird weighed almost nothing! It gave it’s all to the spirit within that called it home.
In my hand rested a bird that gave it’s life that I might be taught again by the spirit that loves me to see with eyes this world would deny us!
Yesterday evening I went prison and encountered men singing “Lord Jesus carry me home”!
What will it take to open the eyes of the blind to see even within the most hardened heart lives a longing to seek and find that place called home where one can finally rest in the hands of the one who created them with a spirit that can not be seen by those who seek the power of God! I was blessed to hold a the gift of a treasure that made it home!

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