What you Wanna Be When you Grow UP:

A few weeks ago I asked the inmates who come to my service what they wanted to be when they grow up? Goofy question say some! I was surprised when weeks later one of the inmates who regularly comes to the Catholic service who is from Mexico asked me what should I do?

His parents are in California and in poor health. He is in prison for drug trafficking. In about a year he will be released. ICE will be there to meet him. Every lawyer he has talked to tells him he will before a judge and be deported to Mexico.

Catholic Charities will not help him due to his crime. The drug cartels keep track of folks like him, especially since he may owe them money. He told me they will have someone find and meet him when he is released in Mexico. They will not be friendly and will use whatever means to force him back into drug trafficking!

What should I do was his question! Well folks what would you tell him? There was no doubt in my mind his life will be on the line and his courage and faith will be tested beyond any level I have experienced in my life.

If you read my previous posts – it might give you a hint! When they find you, tell them the man they are looking for died in prison and you witnessed his death. For the slow of heart, it happened the day he decided to return to practicing his faith and returned to a life of prayer. He was born again and washed clean the day he began true repentance for his sins!

The real question for us here is what would we do? Those who consider themselves brave, courageous and especially those accustomed to having power?

Do we really understand what a dying and rising is? Would we have the faith and courage to speak with so much conviction the hearer could visibly see the conviction of one willing to die. But it doesn’t end there. Being willing to die is just the beginning.

Before the receiver digests the words spoken, say to those who seek to persecute you, “While you are here, do you have something or someone in need of healing that I can pray for? I call upon the Name of Jesus as I stand before you to pray that His healing power may overshadow you and those you hold dear to your heart dispelling the darkness of doubt.

I will pray for you even if you tell me – No More Sermons!

And in speaking those words come to understand the message, I came to do the will of the one who created me!

I pray the Holy Spirit will drive the demons that seek pure power out of the houses of power in the church and in the government! How many will join me?

I ask is there anyone with the courage to confront the demons released into this nation and the world by the sinful nature of men seeking to replace God ( a word that includes women for the confused). The battle in the Garden continues!

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