Hearing the Unspoken Word:

Load – Ready Aim Fire – Hold it!

The God Lord sent me on a journey as per the stories in scripture so I might gain eyes to see and ears to hear the unspoken word! Like many, my canon’s were loaded and ready to fire in regard to kneeling during the National Anthem and the burning of the flag. Somehow I managed to hold my fire and cool my jets!
So many people today are being fed the fuel needed to poke wounds long ago suffered often early in life before understanding, knowledge or wisdom in God’s design could penetrate and begin to heal wounds unseen!

Translating Groans with Discipline!

Again and again I have listened to the cries that can only come from the bottom of soul calling for someone to love them. It is the kind of love the world view can not provide. Healing love comes in the form of discipline! Weird right?
The human condition requires stroking (human touch)! Don’t get silly on me! I am not talking about sex! Yet do not underestimate the intensity of the cry and the lack of knowledge or wisdom of the crier who may very well confuse sex as love.
No no no! I am speaking of real love = discipline! Instinctively people, even little children demand disciple tough they haven’t a clue it is the medicine they need to heal deep wounds unseen they can not articulate!

So what was the source of this theory I have arrived at?

Uncomfortable and Powerless:

For ten years I listened to so many young men with HIV/AIDS cry out as they shared their grief through the story of questioning – why me & a secret being reveled they wanted kept hidden. But the stories exploded on me as I listened to parents of adult children speak of the love they had for their child and the anguish unfolding where the “Truth” could not be dismissed! It was a fast forward journey to a most serious mid life crises was thrust upon then and death was starring them in the face! I cried every trip! I wanted to run away – why did you send me here Lord? I am so uncomfortable and I am powerless! All I seem able to do is listen to what I really don’t want hear – groaning and cries without words and helpless! I was unqualified – yet the Lord in his wisdom sent me to teach me what I didn’t want to know!

Oh Man more!

Sorry, but like life this was not enough! Ten years in prison was to follow – again so many young men angry and crying out in upsetting way! A voice crying out from the depths of the soul asking – is there anyone capable of hearing the sound of my cry speaking in unspoken words! Scripture speaks of the groaning’s coming from the earth. The Lord was teaching me to listen with my whole being not just my ears.
Envy and jealousy are so much more powerful than most human can begin to comprehend! These are the sins rooted in the humans to crucify Christ! Ironically Jesus offered them the Truth – the way to freedom – love one another – not sex! Discipline – not individually decided – but the kind of discipline that can only be communicated with unspoken words reveled through the groaning that comes from enduring a cross!
So many in our nation no longer encounter real love, while porn and sex has exploded in every form while live births are dropping at an alarming rate. In some communities 70% of our babies are aborted. God’s design for men as Fathers to protect their children is voided by man’s law which legalizes a second abortion of the Father In God’s design of the one flesh.

Losing Our Soul

The older I get the more I cry for a nation losing it’s soul, while it engages in more and more sex, dismembers babies, consumes porn, is envious and jealous to the point of God’s design and natural law is hate! Propaganda has replaced truth, agendas override human dignity, emotions assassinate logic as the groaning increases and almost no one is willing or able to hear to make the trip and spend some quality time that uncomfortable place where the crying stretches ones soul to look into the mirror of truth where one can not hide!

Enough – Come with me!
And to those who wrote “No more sermons from the Deacon” Come with me and I will introduce you to the Gospel!

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