Air Traffic Controller Strike: August 3, 1981

Anniversary – 1981-2022!  Yikes 41 years ago today!

Miami International Airport August 3, 1981

I was there Miami Airport!  The national PATCO Union – the controllers Union called for a strike.  13,00 Air Traffic controllers went on strike!  I went to work that day!

PATCO Union:  Where is PATCO Today:

What many Americans do not know is that PATCO had affiliated itself with the AFL/CIO who had control of the ships and trucks.  Hmmm!  Anyone see a potential problem there?  Some body wanted the strike.

1st Negotiated Federal Government Contract:

PATCO had negotiated the first contract with the Federal Government – FAA.  They pretty much were offfered everything they asked for!  Hmmm!  So what was the strike really all about?

What was it all about?  –> “Power and Control”

Could in it be Power and Control?  Hmmm!  How does your mind work?

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Home town Mishawaka, Indiana. Occupation: Air Traffic world's busiest. Software Programing 1973. Developed original software for the Air Traffic System "Airport Resource Management Tool ARMT" while working at the Atlanta Hartsfield Air Traffic Tower / TRACON.

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