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Stowell Family:

Back in the late 1980’s I told my mother Martha Stowell Meuninck I was in the process of becoming a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.  My mother’s response was you are joining a long line of preachers.  At the time I did not have the wisdom to ask my mom, exactly what and who are you talking about?  Short sighted was I!

33 Years Ago:

Well it is 2023!  Whew more than 33 years ago this year!  Well circumstances have lead me to search for an understanding of the current situation in regard to my own ministry and just exactly what is the Lord’s plan for me?

Joseph – My Conformation Patron Saint:

Well I began a google search for the name Joseph Stowell a name I ran across listening to New Life Radio.  I knew at one point Joseph Stowell was the President of Moody Bible Institute.  Funny coincidence I worked at the Chicago O’Hare Airport in the 1970’s.  When I heard the name I began to wonder if this man Joseph could be the grandson like I was a grandson to my grand dad Tilton Cheney Stowell.  Funny first name Tilton Cheney.  I have a story to tell about me and kindergarten.

Another funny incidence.  I took a Course “Theology of the Body” Saint John Paul II’s teaching through the Dallas Theology Seminary in 2011?

Bejamin Ellijah Stowell March 6, 1847 (my Birthday Month and day)  Married Rosa Jane Livermore:  Children:  Mary Alice,  Joseph Michael (Grand Dad of Joseph Stowell – Moody fame),  Alma Livermore, plus  My Grand Parents:

Tilton Cheney – Oct. 4 1874 (Grand father) and Anna Marie Walsh – May 9, 1880 (grand mother):  Children:  Kathern B., Joseph Michael, Mary Margueritt, Richard Robert, Thomas Albert, Margueritte Carrol – May 18, 1915 (my mom).

A Long line of Preachers:  That’s what my mom told me over 33 years ago.

Ultimately I ran across this video and took the time to listen:  Give it a listen:  See if you can figure out the invisible that ties us together?

Gone Fishing:



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