Still Under Development? Yep!:

Hey – What’s this all about?

Hey All:  I have been working on “” web site since 2011.  I am sure it is messy!  Many transitions / upgrades etc. etc.  Started this for my grand kids so maybe one day they could check out what I thought about things I posted here!  Was never intended to be perfect!

Reality is many improvements have been made to “” and all the associated plugins etc.  This is a learning by doing exercise!

Please Holy Spirit protect my back – Well I made it through a Knot hole!

But perhaps most important to me is to try and write according to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  In 2011 I underwent my second open heart surgery.  My description was “I was pulled through a “knot whole”!

As a result I began to pray constantly why did the Good Lord kept me around?  Later after many weeks and months the Good Lord gave me a Vision to reflect upon.

The Birth of “”

Ah Ha – “theideacon” was born!  In this web site somewhere the reader will find a description of my vision and interpretation!

Forgiveness is found at the foot of the Cross:

Please please forgive me my human failures when it comes to writing, spelling, sentence structure, etc., etc..  I am a two finger typing and my mind are not in sink!  My mind does not think about what I just wrote in regard to correct writing discipline.  My mind frankly is racing way ahead on what might be written next!

Perhaps there-in Lies the Secret Message – Life Struggle with me Please:

If you struggle – well perhaps if you struggle – then perhaps we share the same spirit of struggle together!  It is the spirit hidden in the message I pray and hope to reveal!  God Bless anyone willing to enter the spiritual war I am attempting to put into words!

Just say “YES”:

November 26, 2022 – yes 11 years living a calling!  The key word is “YES” Lord!  He didn’t call me to be perfect – no he called me to seek perfection by taking the risks the Yes demands!  I am a work in progress – no apologies!

Wanna Help?  Am I crazy or what?  Oh Yea – open the doors and let the Holy Spirit in!

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