Vote in Georgia – Culture of Death or Freedom

Culture of Death — Polished — Yes/No?

Can’t support the culture of Death especially from someone who makes the high claims to be a Christian Reverend and Pastor. I see, acknowledge and admit he sure appears as slick, polished and confident. And “oh my” all the $$ money he is attracting – he is a Hollywood and Disney’s man! Has he been bought and paid for by outsiders of Georgia? A great pretender! In today’s hep language he supports Woke rather than scriptures warning to be awake?

What does scripture Tell Us?

Scripture tells of the great deceiver Adam and Eve encountered in the beginning. Yes the Rev has mastered deception. Has found a way to speak words many people want to hear. The giveaway is his action and support for sins that are opposed to God’s design for man, true Christian teaching, values and principles.

Just where is he leading Georgia and America! It is not support of the founding principles and values of this nation or the Christian principles and values that made this nation a light on the Hill.

Who is Racist?

He supports the abortion of 70-80% of babies of his own race and places no limits to even higher percentages. Would he support infanticide as well? I have serious concerns!

 Transition the Healthy Young into What?

He supports the transitioning of healthy young kids, removal of healthy organs, sterilization of minor kids. Modern Science has no idea of future consequences!  The free flow of fentanyl and opioid drugs into our nation. He has not opposed in any meaningful way the destruction of life underway. All the while the suicide rate among young Americans has skyrocketed – no meaningful action there either. His actions support the military losing focus on their primary mission.

What is that Vision Again?

Now he asks me / us to support his vision / agenda while his actions are destructive to the American Republic and it’s citizens. All the while he smiles broadly as his party facilitates an invasion at the southern border! Chuck Schumer told us clearly they want to replace our aborted babies, and those lost to the accelerated drug money and the newly increased action to sterilize young American citizens. Chuck didn’t lie! Are we fools?

What kind of Angel is Raphael?

Raphael is scriptures Archangel that seeks to pray with those who seek healing. The Reverend Raphael is missing the mark! Scripture warns us about great deceivers! He will not be the last.

Let’s Pray: !!

Yes I pray for his conversion to the truth of scripture and the healing of a deeply divided people on the cusp and brink of perhaps irreversible self destruction.

Will you join me in Prayer?

Some may not agree with me ?? I wonder will you pray with me to the only source capable of saving our nation from self destruction every great nation eventually fell to – selfie self (woke) as God!!

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