A Star is Born

Today is January 6th, 2017. Epiphany – an extraordinary “Ah Ha” moment. Little did I notice when my oldest son was born on January 6, 1968 at Kadena AFB Okinawa. We lived in a second floor apartment off base near Naha AFB. When we brought our son home, my wife got out of the car and went upstairs to the apartment. I got my son out of the car. I looked up and it was a crystal clear night with a million stars shinning brightly in the night. I lifted my son high above my head and offered him to the creator of life more abundant. I will give back to you what you gave to me this night! I carried a vocation card in my wallet for 27 years remembering my son and the dream of that night. God is tricky – he called my son to be the most independent rascal I have ever known. A gift to the world and willing to walk on his own two feet. And to me he gave a calling that floated on the wings form the spirit of that night and continues this day. In 1995 I no longer needed to carry that card any longer for I had been captured. Yep He sets us up long before we begin to detect who we were called to be! I wish all an “Ah Ha” gift to all – – ponder life’s precious gifts and the creative trickery of a God who reveals his spirit in the breath of the wind upon ones cheek!

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