A Voyage through Hell – Will it be Necessary

A Trip to Hell = is that what it takes to Open the Spirit of the Church

In 1977 I began opening my spirit to the possibility of being called to the permanent diaconate, although I could not have articulate that fact in 1977.

With all that is taking place in our world beginning in 2008, the Holy Spirit began bugging me about what it takes to be opened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  In other words what does it take to loosen the stiff neck and soften the hard heart of humanity, even those who profess to be of and in the church?

In 1995 I was ordained as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic church.  Now I know the basic history of the diaconate of the Catholic church from the fall of the diconate which suffered from corruption and confusion within the church.

From Permanent & Married to Transitional & Celibate

Over a period of years the permanent diaconate (married and celibate) slowly disappeared while the transitional deacon continues to remain as a part of the process of becoming an ordained priest.

What Prompted the Church to Restore the Permanent Diaconate

The Holy Spirit bugged my spirit to ask the question again and lead me to reflect upon what caused my Church to restore the Permanent Diaconate to which I have been ordained.

The Story – WW II – Nazi War Camps = Hell

During World War II there were at least 3000 Catholic priests, deacons, and bishops who were imprisoned there.  These ordained men experienced a living hell as they observed the nightmare of the worst torture and indignity humanity can unleash upon itself.   It was the memories of these priest reflecting on the difficult situation of the church, speculated that permanent deacons – married or single men with a formal, stable commitment to the work of the church – could have accomplished much good.

I would speculate the clergy observed married men ministering to the guards and imprisoned in a way the Holy Spirit clearly opened their hearts, minds and souls to the possibility the Holy Spirit wanted the permanent diaconate restored.

History proves the prompting of the Holy Spirit continued after the war, when it was taken up by theologians and scholars, especially in Europe, and discussed in a number of articles and books.  In 1957 Pope Pius XII spoke favourable of a restored permanent diaconate, although concluding that “the time is not yet ripe”. The idea was very much in the air by the time of Vatican Council II.

Restoration of the Married Priesthood

So the Holy Spirit lead me to this spiritual reflection beginning in and around 2008.  The War between the Flesh and the Spirit has intensified as the secular progressive humanism agenda is being played out in our world and nation.  The attacks on the Father figure, Christianity and the family are changing the fabric of our society with alarming speed.

New and evolving technology have accelerated the creation and use of a new language Art Form.  Feed back from the use of words is increasingly fast and word usage is dynamically changing.   Further image making has now become another Art Form that is potentially a more influencing factor than core values and character.

One who comes in the image of is now a real reality.  The question must be asked is the person speaking the truth of who they really are or are they speaking the words we want to hear without reveling the character the person they really are.

True Agendas are Hidden in a Maze of Words we Want hear

Will all of these images of what is right and just leads us to Hell on Earth?  Could it be the Holy Spiirt is prompted us again to open the mind, spirit and soul of the Church to restore the married priesthood which through the act alone would clearly communicate without speaking the significance and importance of the building blocks principles of truth the Roman Catholic Church professes to teach and profess.

Preach the Truth through actions prompted by the Holy Spirit and only speak in necessary!

It’s Time – Restore the Married Priesthood within the Catholic Church before the Trip to Hell on Earth becomes a necessary to overcome the stumbling blocks of human nature.

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