Fairness and Class Warfare

The use of the word Fairness should require the one who espouses fairness to begin by seeking and articulating the fullness of truth.  This might give me a headache!

Pray that the truth may be revealed!  Use our God given spirit to seek, find and articulate the truth.  It is the truth that comes through openness to prayer while groping in the dark for truth that escapes the human mind, yet offers real hope of being set free and offers the possibility we can reunite a nation divided by lies accepted and unchallenged as truth!

The question of fairness and class warfare should begin with an open mind that seeks the the fullness of the truth.  One should be aware when the speaker addressing fairness may be creating instead a chase through unrelated but real, or perceived bias and injustices which serve to detour the hearers focus from a higher priority issue and lead to reflect upon injury and the woundedness of ones soul and spirit?   Whew — a mouthful – Did I write that?  lets try again – is fairness the real issue or is the word fairness being used as a trigger to move the hearers focus away from a central objective point of an issue to an emotional reaction which serves to create additional blockage to ones ability to remain unbiased and open to the objective logical truth.

Humankind has many internal triggers (buttons) which can cause individuals, groups and even communities of people to become vulnerable to emotional responses to ones grievances real or perceived, to focus internally rather than exercizng intllectual discipline and thus preventing objective analysis of an issue of higher priority which the button pusher hopes to avoid.

Throughout history this is the method of choice teenagers use to upset their parents when they have violated one of the golden rules.  Teenagers will immediately bring up a well known un resolved conflict that exists between their parents!  They learned long ago this unrelated and unresolved conflict works very well to shift and remove the focus of their offense and misbehavior – the primary issue to a long standing parental disagreement.

The next thing the parents know, they are in a heated argument about the unrelated issue while the child has escaped and slipped away almost without notice.  The central person and offense expertly used an adaptive child – little professor behavior strategy within which they achieved stealth conflict avoidance of the central and primary issue leaving their parents to continue the unresolved long standing conflict which most often is totally unrelated to the issue most central to the task at hand!

For example.  Say one has a real and legitimate concern about the rapidly growing national deficit and the out of control spending of the federal government which serves as the driving force!  We are digging a hole faster and faster.  So what are our leaders doing?  Lets talk about the color of the dirt we found in the hole.  If we stopped spending would the debt stop growing?  What does fairness in taxation have to do with out of control spending, especially when 100% taxation will not cover the debt being caused by the spending?

What is the primary issue that threatens to destroy our nation as we know it?  Is it taxation or is it spending?  The debt is the issue that is placing shackles and chains upon the unsuspecting legs of the children and grand children of this nation?

Class warfare is a process of generating a conflict between social and economic classes, between normally between capitalist and proletariat (lowest) classes.  Class warfare can easily be used to avoid the primary question of truth by triggering long standing emotional grievances.  Class warfare can be used as a method or leverage to get the listener to focus on a secondary truth while hiding the primary objective from being truthfully evaluated.

Further class warfare may not necessarily address the central issue of fairness which entails the essence and dignity of the human person.  Human dignity always lies at the foot and core of the answer to resolving the real casual factors rather than addressing the symptoms which simply trigger more conflict.

The right to human dignity originates from the beginning by the creator of life!  A creator who established humankind with free will.  A creator who set up humanity with the reality of free choice.  A creator who placed humanity on this earth to discover the truth knowing humans could only discover the truth through the process of life which necessarily includes suffering and failure.  To remove free choice and the consequences of the choices is to destroy the dignity of the human person and the possibility of redemption and salvation.

Class warfare is a process wherein the human family confronts the character of the human condition which demands dignity of the human person.  Because the human condition is flawed with a natural bias toward what one considers normal, the concepts and understanding of justice, free will, and the consequences of our (sin) fallen nature challenge the human family to follow the path to truth or be consumed by being lead into bondage and slavery by sin and spiritual death.

One must begin by looking at the character of the one using the word fairness.  Do they have a bias or an agenda that has little to do with fairness?  Are they being honest?   What is their sense of justice?

Fairness exists when one is objectively free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.  Being fair is about balancing truth with reality.  Fairness involves the state of the human condition, the dignity of the human person including the community balancing each as being neither excellent nor poor.  Fairness is neither having an advantage nor disadvantage.  The word Fairness never stands alone.  Fairness must be defined using words that require further definition.

Righteousness is a word I would use to describe one who attempts to apply a fairness standard.  Righteousness is a quality of God, one who acts in accordance with morality of the law of God and nature and is without sin.

Since humankind has great difficulty remaining free of sin, the process of applying fairness must include factors of justice.  Justice impacts the dignity of the human person and therein requires a balancing of individual rights with responsibilities along with the rights and responsibilities of the whole community.

So what is the objective?  What is the agenda?  Do we know?

For me it is clouded in hyperbola – there exist a stealth objective which can not stand the light of day!

To be continued …..

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