Is there a Doctor in the House – Who will come during Mass in the Middle of Church?

1st Sunday of Advent. We do not know the hour or the day, but our future lies in our ability see things through the eyes of our spirit. We need to know what to be watchful for. It’s a discipline the world doesn’t want us to practice or develop because the world seeks to deny God and objective truth.

Today at Mass right after the sermon a man stood up and asked if a doctor was in the church? Everyone looked around. The most unlikely man (in my opinion) in the house stood up and came from the other side to an older gentleman on the opposite side. When he arrived at the old man’s side, I heard him say “stay with me – I am here”! by then some others came to help. The unlikely man returned his seat. Things seemed to worsen and unlikely man returned to the old mans aid and stayed at his side until the paramedics arrived.

What did my spirit see? The unlikely young man probably spent time homeless or living in the street and knew what being alone and afraid felt like He must have recognized immediately because he himself knew what it was like to be helpless and in fear. He wasn’t worried about being qualified and was willing to ask people to make room as he passed through the pews twice. He knew it wasn’t about him. His spirit saw another in distress and offered the only thing he had – himself!

I don’t think the unlikely young man is Catholic but he managed to demonstrate what Jesus came to teach – he freely gave himself away – the most unlikely young man was watching things through the eyes of his spirit! On the way out of church I shook the hand of one whose spirit is awake! Thank you for the gift of yourself! Amen!

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