The Death of Freedom – the cause of death Journalism

Protect and Defend the New American Idol Created by MSM

During the past few years thanks to the rise of the current Democratic administration, it has become clear that words are used to confuse and hide the fullness of the truth.  If fact both parties are guilty, but the new (first American Idol) president has perfected and the democratic progressive secular party has embraced a new langauge art form.  This new Art Form depends upon party members sticking to the same language set or choice of words.  They carefully select uses words people want to hear like “hope and “change” so as trigger positive reception while craftily avoiding full disclosure of meaning and to avoid triggering people inner critical thinking defenses.  Hence a lie is not a lie.  The lie become the truth simply because it is consistently said enough times with the “Hope” the lie will be accepted as the truth

Who is there to defend the people from this new language Art Form stealth language?  Should not the major line of defense be those employed in the “Journalism” field?  Or has soemthing happened to objective journalism which threatens the concept of a “Free Press”?

The unfortunately reality of 2011 is that many “Main Stream Media” outlets have been bought and sold for a price!  What we used to consider a “Free Press” passed some years ago, certainly in this new century and given way to a power and control propogada driven mentality not at all interest in a free press or any other values concept that includes the words of creator, God, right to life, liberty, self governess, or any other values held sacred by the founding fathers of this nation.

A new kind of “Bondage and Slavery” has been substituted for the goal of self determination.

The concept and idea of a Free Press is a critical component that works to assure this remains a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.  An informed and educated people will remain strong and free.  A misinformed or mislead people may eventually submit to slavery.

The main or Lame (in my opinion) Stream Media has become a propaganda Machine with an agenda hostile to the people, truth and therefore is a great threat to America’s founding principles of liberty and freedom.

The re engineering of the use of Words – or Word Warfare as I call it is on the rise!  Clutter, confuse, hide, distort, rename and then repeat repeat repeat are the methods used to avoid reporting the objective truth! — The Kinetic War called a “Not War” we are targeting people to be killed as one would in a war.  The feminist movement does not include conservative women.

Those who claim to be environmentalist or conservationist are not all really interested in the environment or conservation.  The environment and conservation have been taken hostage by those willing to distort the truth to achieve and agenda unassociated with the truth.

Global warming is a fraude.  We do not tap into our own natural resources while simultaneously we import resources from unfriendly nations which are used to found wars and terrorism around the world.  We could kill multiple birds with this single stone.  Stop the funding of wars, terrorism, shorten the supply line risk of delivery, restore a major source of our food supply (corn) needed to feed a hungry world.

Racism is a word used entrap and hold bound people into a state of embracing unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness and continuing warfare against unity.  Those who nurture this new form of racism do so entrap and enslave this nation in a new form of bondage and slavery which is counter to the word of the Son of God.  Love your God with your whole heart and soul and your neighbor as yourself.

Class Warfare is alive.  Pit the rich against the poor without consideration to the dignity of the human person and the fullness of the truth.

To be continued ………….


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