2016 Pagan God Ba’al

Ba’al is the pagan god of the old testament. Ba’al seems very much alive in our world today. It is strange that Ba’al would attain a title as the god of fertility because the worship of Ba’al was accompanied by the sacrifice of children by their parents. The altar for Ba’al worship has become the place where fertility takes place in the creation of new life and exists within the mothers womb. Ba’al repeatedly revels what kind of god he is as the practice of sacrificing children is being perfected in the dismembering of a babies body parts only to be outdone when a baby is delivered whole so the body parts can be dismembered more efficiently thus becoming more valuable. Ba’al loves that people pay the price to destroy new life for it is the price we pay to keep Ba’al alive who cannot live without those willing sacrifice ones own soul.

Ba’al has created another non living being to trick and distract those who might begin to recognize Ba’al is really a god who stays alive by bringing death to the living. We call this device a smart phone which seizes it’s victim and takes them for a joy ride through a new reality of cyber space which often excludes an encounter with any other living being. Ba’al has created and has claimed a new nick name – in fact it made it into our national dictionary = “selfie”. For Ba’al knows as long as people stay occupied with the inner space of self they volunteer to disable eyes, ears and spirit to see beyond selfie. Keep them on inside time and entertained is Ba’al goal. Avoid any suffering real life brings so the story of the true God never reaches the ears of worshipers. Avoid at all costs the search for the truth and the purpose of life. Ba’al knows suffering and hardship lead one to dig deep which can result in crying out and thirsting for answers. Worse it could lead to the possibility of committing the mortal sin of becoming open. Spread lies over and over and over to detour people from opening ones critical thinking capacity and cut off the spirit which can lead one to beginning to seek to find the purpose for which one was really created – to encounter life more abundant by reaching out beyond oneself and giving the gift of oneself away to someone else – which just might spread loving and serving others who are struggling through the journey of life.

Ba’al will do anything to avoid and encounter with the story of the first born son who on the cross said – “Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing!”.

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