Open the Door!!!!

Open door policy! Sometimes a door gets closed on us we didn’t ask for or expect. Sometimes we just didn’t see it coming. So what do we humans do? Been happening a lot recently. We have lots and lots of folks jumping up and down demanding the closing or closed door be opened.

Wouldn’t be any of you would it?

Some will eventually come grudgingly to understand, yep, God does have an open door policy. He will let us in if we’ll just start looking around for the door opening and come right in when we find it! Problem is for many of us humans, we just insist on focusing on that old closed door and rehash over and over the limits imposed because the door closed.

And so many people tend to put God in a selfie defined “Box”. Don’t tell them, but God escapes before the lid to the box is closed. Think about it, God may well have something far better in mind than what we might have left behind that old door – the past that cannot be relived. Yep it might be scary and it might make us stretch but it might just be full of the new life promised and filled with a great treasure just looking for a safe place to reside.

Gosh isn’t that what we are longing for – new life, a breath of fresh air, a fresh start, I can’t wait any longer – where is that door – somebody turn me lose!

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