Awesume – a word – Reserved for God

2nd Sunday of Lent March 20, 2011

Jesus took Peter, James and John his brother and led them up on a high mountain by themselves.  This is the traditional place of an encounter with God himself.  And he was transfigured before them; his face shinning like the sun and his clothes became as white as light reflecting the image of Jesus in His glory and divinity.  It was an awesume sight to behold!  

Matthew was writing to a Jewish audience who wanted to remain faithful to Judaism and they wanted to know if becoming a disciple of Jesus was being faithful?  And behold, in this Transfiguration story Jesus is shown conversing with Moses and Elijah.  Jesus is both the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and the promised one of the Prophets as symbolized by Elijah.

 In this story Peter is beside himself and wants to capture this vision and stay in this moment.  In his customary exuberance Peter suggests he make three tents.  Before he could finish this thought, a bright cloud overshadowed them and from the cloud came a voice that said.  This is my beloved son, listen to him.

 Yep, this is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the promised one who came to save us from ourselves!  Most of us know this beautiful story well.  So well in fact we might gloss over the story and not see images competing to displace the truth?   We might miss How did they get up the mountain?

 Young people, children did you listen to the story?  How does this story compete with the newest DVD, iPad, think pad, Hi Definition 3 D, hi tech video devices you have at home or you see on TV?

Has anyone watched the commercial where a young handsome man walks up to some kind of iPad HD hi tech video devise and upon grasping it, is transformed into a some kind of imaginative semi alive zoom vehicle with shinning eyes that floats and maneuvers above the surface.  Inside we see the man using interactive voice and touch slew screen communications to activate optional adventure voyages into the dream world of cyber space traveling far beyond the planet earth and moon.  Click, click, slew and zoom we are high on the imaginary mountain top!  Unrerality becomes sought after as real!       

 Is that how we image Jesus and his disciples got up that mountain? 

 Grand parents and old folks, whoever you are!  Now it’s your turn.  From the Book of Genesis we hear the Lord say to Abram.  Go forth from the land of your kinfolk to a land I will show you.  Trust me – come on trust me says the Lord! 

Do we realize Abram was 75 years old when the Lord told him to uproot himself and go.  Look around and see if you can find someone here who is 75 years old!  Old folks at 75 are you ready to be uprooted and make the most significant trip of your life?  At 75 Abram met God’s minimu age requierment to enter into the spiritual trust zone created by God for those willing to travel into forever.  

Listen – what are the rewards for actually doing what the Lord asks?  I will make you a great nation, I will bless you, make your name great, bless those who bless you, curse those who curse you and all shall find blessing in you!

All together — Bless me father for I am a sinner and yet I am ready for this trip into salvation forever land!

 Why would I draw these pictures for the young and the old?  Grand parents or parents do you have any ideas? 

 We are living in a world where our young are tempted daily to enter into the world of the unreal, the newest reality idol and latest cyber imagery cloud and in doing so we replace real flesh and blood people with non-living images.  Do not allow yourself or your children to be taken hostage by the image of that which can not live, love or respond and can lead one to an early spiritual death! 

 The transiguratyion story is about accepting a really real Jesus Christ as our savior by opneing ones soul and Listening to Him!

 Mom’s and dad’s teach your children to listen to him by showing them you take time to listen!  Turn off the radio, the TV, the computer, the cell phone and every other electronic device.   It is in the silence one can finnaly encountered the really real spirit of the one who created all things!

 We know the truth from scripture!  We are made of the earth brought to life by the breath of God.  It is through the flesh and blood journey, the valley of tears and the trip up the mountain that leads us to the encounter with the living breathing spirit of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only one who can save us. 

It is the encounter and the discovery of the beauty of God’s creation which wakes up our spirit.  It is the living who possess the real potential to return love according to the design of God.   

Trust in Jesus Christ the one who is always fully present and is speaking to us in our day and our time.  Take time to Listen to Him!

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