Solemnity – Holy Trinity Year B June 3, 2012

Year B Solemnity – Holy Trinity June 3, 2012

Questions: a Thirst for an Answer:

At what age do children ask the most questions?  At age 4 children are asking about 400-600 questions a day.  The Solemnity of the Holy Spirit is a feast day dedicated to getting Christians of every age to revive that spirit of a questioning child who seemingly can not quench its thrist for answer!

We are all a Child in the Spiritual Sense:

Let me be clear, no one here of any age is excluded, no matter how many birthday candles it takes to light up our spiritual quest for answer!  Our The scripture readings today encourage us to take on the attitude of a 2-4 year old and ask.

Moses tells us.  Ask now of the days of old before your timeAsk from one end of the sky to the other.  From our first wakening moment until the moment we drift off into sleep!  I bet the more candles we have acquired the more spiritual questions we have.

What are the burning questions in our hearts?  I would love to be able to ask my grand parents, my mother and father questions about the great depression, the rationing that took place during WWII, and a multitude of questions about their faith journey.

Children ask for the answers to the unchanging treasures of truth buried in the hearts of the faithful built upon the ancient stories of scripture which can pour out the only water of truth that can quench our thirst.  By our nature we are created to question and seek the truth.  It is buried in our DNA.  It is our soul created in the image of God himself who calls us to discover the truth.

Only One God no other:

Why is all this questioning necessary one may ask?  This is way says Moses.  You must know and fix in your heart that, that Lord is God in the heavens above and the earth below an that there is no other!  There is only one true God!


But wait, wait I am not through.  You must keep His statues and commandments that you and your children after you may prosper and that you may have a long life on the land which the Lord, your God is giving you.  Prosperity and long life in our land!

Isn’t that the central burning question in our nation today?  How do we restore prosperity to our citizens.  Could it be this nation has turned away from the way, the life and the Truth and is looking for answers in a conjured up American Idol with glorious images but no power to save?

In our world today we are experiencing multiple systematic attacks on this simple truth from almost every sector of our societyThose who seek to silence the voice of God that speaks the truth with fire.  There is no more powerful voice than the Church and the forces of evil must silence it.  Do not be deceived by pretty images and language being plundered of it’s it’s meaning by those who would deceive.

They have conjured up images, a new art language form has been created that violates and subverts the use of language in an unending offensive to distract and fool the people of faith to take the road that leads away from the source of salvation.

I am here to testify to our young people, I not only lived before there was TV but I survived.  I lived in the days when people used outhouses even in the cold winter.  It didn’t take long to take care of your business – there were very few hurry ups to use the bathroom.  I lived in the day when parents and grand parents sat down with their families to eat dinner.  I lived in the day when parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles told family stories of the days of old..  I lived in the day when family picnics where the tradition on Sunday afternoons and all the stores were closed.

Inquire / Ask / Read / Listen / Pray to the Spirit of Truth

Anyone seen one of those TV commercials where they use the terminology – “I have an Inquiring Mind”.  These commercials are designed to create an image that will both attract our attention, desire, trigger our imagination playing upon our unsuspecting natural curiosity of the human instinct to venture into a new world while bypassing spiritual safeguards.

Desire inquire /  read — I have an inquiring mind – heard that before – the tabloids.  Ask about history before your time – ask from one end of the sky to the other.  Learn by inquiring from the voices of the past and listening to the stories of salvation history from those who preceded us in life.  .

Romans – Those led by the spirit of God are the children of God.  You did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but  a spirit of adoption through whom we cry “Abba, Father”  We are His children and as such heirs with Christ if only we suffer with Him that we may be glorified with Him.

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