Prison on Friday:

Friday at the prison was another day of being an observant student of the scripture for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.
One inmate prefers the High Mass with all the options recognizing in prison not all the essentials found in a Catholic Church are available. 2nd inmate prefers the low Mass without all the extra trimmings.  3rd inmate would rather I would speak.
Any conflict or differing opinion?  Here is the lesson – hope you can follow?
I am open and willing to listen almost always – a risk at times. Secondly I actually know what the guidance of the the Roman Catholic Mass is! It’s written down in a document acronym = “GIRM”. General Instruction of the Roman Missal. In this guidance there exists a decider-in-chief (my word). this person is an ordained clergyman.

“The one who Presides”

The title used for this person is the one who “presides”. If you will; in order from lowest to highest. A deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal and pope! I seldom encounter the higher orders.
Since I was the only clergyman by default, I am one who presides and decides based upon the options allowed in the GIRM.
So as it happened at first the inmates wanted to express his wishes for the group what is included in our Catholic Communion Service. He suggested we vote! I can’t find a voting rule in the GIRM?
Seems to me the input I was receiving from three inmates did not exactly match up! Could there possibly be conflict? What is the objective or Mass anyway or a Communion Service?

The Word of God and the Eucharist – United:

Seems to me the focus is on the Eucharist! The best source of Spiritual nourishment for the Body of Christ (us)! Should we be united?
Oh and then there were those Readings we are supposed to digest!

The Word of God:

Dt 8:2-3, 14b-16a To be tested by affliction! To find out what our intentions are? hmm?

And then there was the manna! Not by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Did we hear it?
Did we pay attention?
1 Cor 10:16-17 Because the loaf is one, we tough many, are one body! Anyone pick on that? United?
Jn 6:51-58 The Jews quarreled! Can you imagine that? The point of the lesson didn’t strike home with me until after the “Go in Peace”
Peace please: did anyone hear those last words?
The Lesson of human nature leaped into the room!  One lifer to the other! I heard about you and who you are here, not who you present yourself to be and in other prisons as well! What – such trustworthy institutions! Wow! Oh the buttons so well hidden we can push! Second lifer – well I have heard about who you as well!
Holy Smokes – the Body of Christ! I think I heard we are not saints?
I ask did we just a minuet ago say the “Our Father”! Didi I fall asleep?
I think the good Lord gave me a reminder about the human condition and why we have to empty ourselves so there is room enough for the Holy Spirit to enter and begin to change us!
Yes, I will return and I will be praying to the Holy Spirit for the words of life to overcome human natures ability to set original on a shelf where it can lash out into the open and do harm!
Forgive me Father – be my guide, renew my spirit and guide my words as I venture into humanities mess to attempt to overcome man’s original stumbling block sin with your words to heal the wounds and brokenness that surrounds!
When we fall down – get back uphave faith and trust the Holy Spirit really is working! Amen!
One last point! So who thinks they are superior to these inmates? No back biting in our world!
Where did I put that mirror?
Remember if you can! Jesus came for the sinner!
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