Unintended Consequences of Abortion

In 2010 the majority of babies are being born to unwed mothers.  Think about the millions of children who will be growing up without a father.  The real reality is a father figure is required and those children will be spending the rest of their lives looking for that father.  Who is the single mother going to turn to for the help the father Gods created through marriage?  Who are those children going to turn to, when they seek natures call to be loved by their God given father?

Things are getting worse as every years passes.  The western civilization cultures and the black communities are the greatest seekers of abortions.  The fertility rates among them are dropping drastically and their population numbers with them.  Other cultural groups, however are reproduction at a far faster rate and as a result are rapidly changing the demographics of our nation.  Very soon the white population will drop below 50%.  And with that decline, has anyone wondering what will happen to our western culture?

To be continued …..

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