Marriage February 2011

I love you HTLG&M.

I pray you will see me as a father figure one day and know I will always love you!

Throughout ancient history and even into modern times the father figure has been held in high and even perhaps highest esteem. God the Father was, has been and should always be considered sacred.

Most of us know today, God is spirit and as such God is also mother and balanced the books by giving the church the title of mother.

A humorous note: My belief on why the Catholic Church only has men in the clergy. If God had allowed women in the clergy, he knew it would be almost impossible to get men into church. Men need to think they know whats best and the fact is most of the time the women do all the work anyway.

In my opinion, men have a far greater struggle sharing their spirituality than women and that’s by God’s design. So to get men into church and openly share their spirituality, God had to apply some creative wisdom and trickery to make them think they were in charge.

Men can stand on their own two feet without a woman – think about it – show me a clergyman who came into this world without a mother, who always will hold her son up.

Humanity eventually favored the father title because of the importance of the eldest Son’s right to inheritance. Not only the cultural reality of the time but the prophetic story of the father and the son to come. The Messiah, the anointed promised one, the Suffering Servant.

Therefore, no one should be surprised in the war between the flesh and the spirit, the Father figure had to be attacked and destroyed. The father figure is the supreme being of judgment and the flesh wants no part of judgement. So the flesh must seek to destroy the father and in doing so destroys God and God’s judgement.

The flesh wants no part of right or wrong. The flesh wants only to please itself – selfishness. Never mind that that in destroying the father, one destroys everything associated with the father figure. Nothing is sacred to the flesh, the family, the church, and the culture of freedom must be convinced to take a trip into a self centered utopia.

Never mind that on this trip mothers become widows, children become orphans and single parent families and blended families create mass confusion the best and brightest behavior scientist can not unravel. The complexity factors in a blended family goes through the roof. Multiple mothers and fathers and grand fathers and grand mothers and in-laws and out laws.

So many are working against the success of the relationships. And who the heck is my daddy and does God really love me become legitimate questions for a child lost in the tangle of unintended consequences!

Look at the catholic Church – the Pope – the Holy father is under attack and priests called fathers are under attack. Not to make like of the seriousness of the failure of Catholic Bishops and their legal advisers but when compared to society there are far far more married pedophiles. But the war on the spirit is not interested in the truth.

How much evidence does one need to see that this war is unfolding before our eyes in 2010? Does anyone remember the days of the 1950’s when the most popular show was “Father Knows Best”? How far have we fallen in a short few years? In 2010 there is not a single TV show that depicts a father figure in an honorable role and one who the family turns to for leadership?

Does anyone really think that is an accident? Holliwood is the land of the where the lust of the flesh is satisfied silly! I wonder if anyone is paying attention to the “Law of Unintended Consequences”? In the 1960’s our nation began the battle to remove prayer from the schools and to make abortion legal. See how far we have come in a short period of time.

Put on your spiritual thinking cap. Divorce is now over 50% which is very misleading – why you ask – did we remove prayer from schools – well not exactly – but many went along for the ride and it has shown up in the spilt up / divorce rate because marriage was removed from it’s original scriptural base – a trinity of man, woman and God.

Remove God and the vast majority of people begin to live together before marriage and when the real breakup figure is calculated the spit up rate is over 85%. Lock God out and whose left – a human trying to replace God? Has anyone noticed 50% of the children being born today are to a single unmarried woman.

Statistics suggest the children born to single mothers suffer are far likely to drop out of school, get involved in drugs, crime and end up in jail. We have more and more young men standing on street corners mad as hell and not knowing why. The spirit that lives within those young men why they are angry but our culture doesn’t teach them how to get in touch with their inborn spirit.

The stories of ancient scripture tell humanity has cried from the beginning of time I want to know who my daddy is! Those angry young men want to know whose is my daddy? Why doesn’t my daddy love me? Where is my daddy? Why doesn’t my daddy come visit with me?

Remember the basics – God created them male and female and it was good. He made them to become one flesh. He so they would be united, one body and soul united to God himself – a trinity of persons in one.

Tell me – is it so really difficult to understand why there is so much division and polarization in our nation today. The sacred one flesh original – “it is good” package has been divided and the spirit of God has been removed from the relationship, the family and the children are walking alone while moms and dads are busy with material things. The worst is yet to come! With God out of the picture and flesh in control the question of abortion hardly penetrates the mind or spirit of many people.

Since 1962 the fertility rate of woman in the USA has been steadily dropping. Note that this fertility rate is not associated with potential but with actual live births. So with abortion, a birth could have occurred but did not. Statisticians, tell us when a cultures fertility rate drops to 1.3 births per mother, that culture can not recover. Put another way that culture’s way of life will die either peacefully or by war. In America with the aid of the war of the flesh overpowering the spirit the abortion industry has facilitated the law of unintended consequences to slap the western Jewdeo/Christian culture in the face when we finally wake to realize some other culture has taken control of our nation.

If you are a young man and woman – it is time to wake up! God gave you free will and calls you to let him love you. He calls you by the name that is music to your ears. Joy bounds forth from those who answer his call. The purpose for which you were born is to fulfill the purpose for which you were created – “to do the will of the father”. Help facilitate creation of new spiritual life in the spirit and for some maybe – just maybe an intimate trinity relationship that consists of a man and a woman participating with God that as one flesh and spirit to create new life.

To be continued …

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