Earth Ministry

Wonder where I have been? I am fulfilling my earth ministry! Harvesting trees – some dying from impact of last years drought. Some areas being clear cut – what a mess – looks like death.

But the secret of life stands starkly before ones eyes! Yet so many are blind and can only see the destruction.  When I look I see the mystery of new life waiting on the rain and sun to follow from which new life will explode providing food and shelter for natures inhabitants.

Should I take a step deeper into the spirit of God’s creation? Too late! I already did! Looking into a clear cut is like looking into God’s mirror of spiritual existence. Something must die each day or we would all die! In the very beginning from earth we came and back again is the cycle of the body while the spirit is given the chance to soar or suffer the anguish of encountering the fire which scorches the wings so the spirit is unable to fly.

It’s raining – soon the sun will shine – maybe I’ll post before and after the rain picture!

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