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Cell Phones are Dangerous in Cars!

Count your blessings!! This evening I was on my way home driving down highway 109 East coming up to the crest of a hill. A car jumped out of a ditch straight up in the air – vertical with the nose pointed to the sky and flopped over and came to a stop. Pulled off the road, phone out dialing 911. But by the grace of God had I been faster oh Lord have mercy!

Out of car walking across street dialing 911, Pike county 1.5 miles west of Walker Road and Lamar County line – car flipped with woman in car. The woman in the car is face down – her face in passenger seat laying across the whole front seat, doors locked or unable to open the door. Driver side window down or broken – found unlock button, pushed unlock – man on other side – doors won’t open. Pull hard, another woman walks up and somehow passenger side door opens. The woman face down head against passenger side door has not been breathing. Man on other side is retired Griffin fire department. Woman still not breathing, man says we need to get her head up so she can breath. Find children’s blankets in back seat. He holds her head up and I push blankets under her head to help hold it up. Now kneeling holding her head up – her name Rebeca – Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name and she takes a gurgling breath. At least two minutes without breathing. Blood coming from her mouth. Each breath still gurgling but now more frequent. We are with you Rebeca hold on help is coming.

She weights over 300 pounds. Kids coloring book papers completed laying on the floor in the front. She is going to need to be a life flight says the fire man. The fireman man grows weary from holding her up, the lady takes his place. My arms grow weary and the man takes my place. Where is the help and how we going to get her out of this car? Help arrives, stretcher out with hard board stretcher to go under her. Lift her head and hold steady while we lift her enough to slide her forward onto the stretcher. Not sure how many helped lift and push but I was surrounded. She was breathing more regularly now thank God. Into ambulance while helicopter arrives and EMT’s come to her aid.

That retired fireman saved her life. Your prayers may save her life and bring comfort to whoever those children are.


My brain is still processing a car vertical in the air!!! Gotta say what I am thinking — Cell phones are so DANGEROUS!!!!

To my children, especially grand children – YOUR NOT THAT GREAT A DRIVER you can check your phone, text, talk and drive safely!!!!!

Don’t over extend your ability and distract yourself – it could cost some one precious the gift of life.

Grand Parents God kept you around to pass wisdom off – get to work and parents don’t be afraid or hesitate to take away those cell phones – it may save a life.

And remember some how I manged to live without them for most of my life.

New car makers must create technology to disable phones while a car is moving with some kind of emergency override not so easy to get to. For this I pray!