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Contraception – Decption – Wrap Your Arms Around This:

Contraception and the Freedom of Religion

The War on Women – oops – maybe this is really a War on men!!!  Maybe it’s war against survivability of the human race?

In the 1960’s when I was growing up contraception – the pill offered great hope for woman who wanted to decide when to have children and have a better way to avoid pregnancy during various family situations.  Contraception a good – right? .

Well What Has Happened Since?

Today the divorce rate has sky rocketed to over 50% of marriages and is closer to 80% for second and third marriages.   Today over 50% of the babies being born are to single unmarried women and increasing!

What does Contraception do the Natural Woman?

Contraception fools the women’s hormonal body into believing she is pregnant and therefore she enters a fertility sleep induced state.  Her body no longer manufactures and sends out normal hormonal scents and messages.

Now I admit to being old, so am willing to take the risk to admit in my life time I have discovered my masculinity has a built in automatic capacity to detect and sense a woman who is sexually ripe to be impregnated.  This male capacity is not dissimilar to that a Buck deers ability to detect those does in estrus from those that are not.  It is built in by mother nature and a deer requires no lessons or study.

Those non contraceptive women who enter into a peak fertility period change visually as well as secret hormones one cannot smell yet is detectably by a human male.   Frequently in my life I have noticed women, who normally I did find attractive to one day capture the automatic attention of my eye.  Over a period of years I became aware these women who caught my eye soon were obviously pregnant.  As a result of my observation I began to question this conclusion.  Could it be true?

I could also see this phenomena in young girls as they reached sexual maturity which is long before they reach social maturity in today’s world.  But I noticed another phenomena – when those same girls began using contraception a few years later my instinctive attraction to them rapidly declined.

Contraceptives fool the body of a woman a fertility dormant state which a man automatically can detect and has consequences for the woman as well.

Contraception has stealthily changed the natural attraction chemistry and hormonal reactions between males and females.  In other words contraceptive women are now chossing their mates without the benefit of mother natures instinctive guidance.  And the difference in the choices they make open the possibility the circumvention of natures non contraceptive attraction is not working out so well!

Mother natures plan seeks to match a female with a male who can protect, defend and procreate children who will one day replace the male and female.

To counter this unintended consequence, woman realized something was amiss – cause the boys attention had drifted.  So what have they done?  Less cloths and tighter clad cloth that reveal more and more while the use of augmented enhancement facial and breast surgery has escalated.

One could conclude contraception has stolen humans natural attraction between male and female and substituted artificial stimulus.

So the government has taken the position women have a right to contraceptives!  And we know how insightful and politically correct the government is!

So what does this have to do with religion – well at least the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on contraceptives.  Abstinence is a free will choice that enables a woman to avoid contraceptives and all the unintended consequences.  Mother natures natural attraction is facilitated through the release of a women’s unimpeded hormones and her ability to use that of the opposite sex as uninterrupted criteria to select a life long mate.

With contraception the male instinctive senses are over ridden and we have an increased state of confusion among males.

Studies with monkeys have been undertaken which suggest contraception confuses the work of mother nature and the impact to males is equal to that of females.  Perhaps leading us toward the further confusion and the wussification of men!