False Witness is still a Sin

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor-
Anyone care to guess what fake news is? And how it has exploded! Could it be due to a people turning to themselves and ignoring God’s providence?

People were envious and jealous of Jesus Christ. They did not like how he preached or what he taught. He was rejected by the people of his own family, his church leaders did not defend him and the powers of his day feared him!

So wouldn’t it be wise to consider who we are envious and jealous of? And who have we worked to Silence and shut up? Could it be in our modern advanced, more compassionate than thou society, we the many may be guilty of bearing false witness just by our silence and failure to question our doubts. Silence is a time to look in the mirror and seek the voice of courage to probe deeper before we condemn. Could be some have and are working very hard to silence others called by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus served as a mirror for people to look into and many leaders did not like what they saw. Better one man shoul die than face the truth and have to deal with oneself.

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