Mr. President Are You a Uniter or Divider????

Dear Lord – Help us hear the “truth”!

Barack Obama ran on a platform of being a new kind of political leader who somehow would bring the left and the right together and reunite and transform the Nation.  “Hope and Change we can  believe in” was his motto.  “Hope and Change” words that mean nothing when they stand alone.  Yet words that human beings can easily translate into the hope and dreams that live in ones heart but not necessarily in the heart of the deliverer.

The word “Hope” when it stands alone is proving to be false “Hope”   And even the uneducated are beginning to learn one needs a description what chnage means when they use the word “Change”.

But let’s look at the words the supporters of the President are using to describe his “Hope and Change” motto!  The people who do not agree with the president are routinely referred to and called Racists (though many are black, Hispanic and have supported EEO), Homophobics (tough many have ministered to those with HIV and AIDS), Terrorists (tough many are veterans of war – Viet Nam & the Gulf Wars), Astro Turf (tough many assist in cleaning up the mess they make when they gather),  Teabaggers (tough many didn’t even know what that term meant),  Barbarians at the door (tough many are or were members of unions and participated in strikes), the Rich (tough by today’s standard $250,00 is the near minimum profit a small business can earn and still stay in business), Corporation are evil and should be taxed (Yet the CEO of GE is the presidents right hand man, GE pays no taxes, is on the presidents job committee while GE is actively moving jobs and building it’s business in China), oil companies are evil (while the president has shut down the nations off shore oil exploration while simultaneously encouraging and funding off shore drilling by neighbor nations to the south.

What kind of “Hope” and “Change” does this president have in mind for “We the People”?

This president has created a new technology – it is a technology that uses modern day imagery and language to divide in an effort to destroy the very founding principles this nation was built upon!

The question for the people is really very simple!  Who are we as a nation?  Who did our founding fathers say we were?  Who have we allowed ourselves to become?  Who do we want to be?  And finally are we willing to make the sacrifices our founding fathers made to to stand for the fullness of truth in our day and our time?

Will the people of this nation rekindle the fire to remain the land of the free and the brave with liberty and freedom for all or will it fall to division being propogated by an elite ruling class interested in entenching power and control into huge central government?

Every generation must confront the truth and decide the future of it’s children and grand children.

My choice is clear.  Restore God and the nation will be restored as a Beacon on a Hill, the Land of the Free shinning for all the world to see and follow.



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