Polsters and Pundants can’t See!

Slow Minded Pollsters and Pundits:

The pollsters and Pundits think the Tea Party has gone to sleep.  What they can not see is the Tea Party people clearly understood and recognized the current President was not openly or objectively vetted during the last presidential campaign

The Tea Party folks know they can not depend on the main stream media for open and objective vetting.  So multiple debates hosted by multiple media outlets has resulted.   The Republican Party and candidates will not escape the intense glare of the Tea Party folks as they insist the Republican candidates go through the most thorough vetting process ever seen in the history of this nation.

Tea Party Folks are not behaving like the Pollsters expect:

The Tea Party folks are fooling the pollsters as well by being non committal about who they will support.

Tea Party folks realize the longer they wait to make up their mind the better the vetting process will work.

In fact 60% say they might change their support at a later time – don’t hold your breath cause this is going to take awhile!

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